Okra and its benefits on the body



It is not talked about enough in Europe, but okra is one of the best allies for the human body. Native to Africa, it is a true "hotbed" of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Basically, whether in the form of okra butter, okra powder, or okra oil, it is a significant aid in the treatment of many ailments. Let's see its different benefits in the rest of this article.



Okra helps fight asthma



Considered to be the cousin of soursop, this plant is quite rich in vitamin C. This property allows it to act positively on asthma by reducing attacks and their intensities. It was proven in America in the year 2000 to be more effective in children.



It lowers cholesterol levels



The disadvantages of bad cholesterol for the body are well established! Therefore, it is recommended to eliminate it from the body. For this, consuming okra can work in your favor. Indeed, in addition to containing no cholesterol, it is made of fibers which act positively against the release of these.



It helps against diabetes



According to the American journal ISRN Pharmaceutics in 2011, the consumption of okra acts on blood sugar levels in rats. According to the results of this experiment, it reduces the level of glucose in the blood in a relatively short time. This property is the same in humans, especially people with diabetes.



Okra strengthens the immune system



As mentioned above, okra is made up of vitamin C in large quantities. This stimulates the immune system and strengthens the creation of white blood cells in the body. Likewise, the antioxidants it possesses act on cells and slow down their aging and fight excess free radicals.

It prevents kidney disease



Besides lowering blood glucose, okra works on the kidney and prevents most kidney disease. This was proven by a study from the Jilin Medical Journal in 2005! According to this study, people who regularly ate okra or meals rich in okra were half as likely to develop kidney disease.



Okra helps pregnant women during pregnancy



The pregnant woman needs certain elements during her pregnancy for a better development of this one. Okra is therefore one of the foods that provide a large number of these products to the body. For example, we have vitamin A, B (B1, B2, B6), C, zinc and calcium. In addition to these, we also have folic acid which slows the growth of cells when they are above normal.



He cures fever



Finally, okra cures fever! Although it sometimes needs to be combined with other elements, it effectively combats rising temperatures. Most often, you have to drink a herbal tea made from dry seeds or use okra powder.



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