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What is Selim pepper?

Selim pepper, also known as guinea pepper, comes from a huge tree of the annuan family that grows in tropical Africa, along streams in the savannah, and can measure up to 20 meters.

Selim pepper is made up of both seed contained in a long, thin blackish bean dented 3 to 5 cm long that resembles a bean. Seeds and pods are inseparable

In some cultures of black Africa, they are burned like incense to purify or disenchacate houses and holy places.

In West Africa, young mothers and their babies consume pepper infusions to give strength and good health to the baby and its mother.

Selim pepper combined with Akpi seeds and 4-sided fruit are used to boost ovulation in women. Mixing her three spices into a drink helps women who have difficulty conceiving, increasing their chances of having a child.

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Clove is a fruit used dry in the kitchen for its powerful flavor. This spice is known to promote digestion and fight dental pain.

Antiseptic, anti-infective and broad-spectrum antibacterial. Cloves, for example, are used against urinary tract infections such as cystitis and kidney stones.

Stomachic: The flavour of cloves promotes digestion. Its aromatic compounds help to combat stomach aches (bloating, aerophagia, gastric genes).

Analgesic: This action is rapid on dental pain.

Its properties also make it a very good ally in the fight against certain viral diseases. Cloves help fight coughs, among other things.

Spice also has anti-inflammatory qualities to relieve rheumatism, muscle pain. This action is mainly due to its high flavonoid content.

To benefit from its benefits, it is possible to add cloves in small quantities - its taste is strong - in everyday dishes.

Cloves applied as lotion to the scalp and hair are an excellent remedy to soothe skin inflammation, reduce dandruff and stimulate blood circulation. The hair's regrowth is stimulated and its vitality is enhanced.

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People prone to high blood pressure and/or liver problems should avoid using cloves, or consult a specialist.


Here is the winning duo to boost your ovulation and get pregnant!

The akpi is an almond from a fruit tree of the rainforest, the djansang in Cameroon is its name by the Cameroonian people.

This small fruit is very popular in African cuisines because of its flavor, in other words, akpi enhances the tastes of eggplant and clear sauces.

In addition to its culinary virtues, it is also known for its medicinal qualities including the initiation of ovulation in women in search of children.

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What is akpi?

Akpi, known by various names Djansang Njansang, Musodo, Erimado, Corkwood, Essessang, is a blond seed native to mainly African rainforests, this seed (scientific name Ricinodendron Heudelotii) is increasingly appreciated in France and Europe for its multiple virtues for health and also for the body.

Akpi seed is now known to develop breasts and buttocks as well as fenugreek and kigelia in a natural way.

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Available in 30g and 60g