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The esese, also called 4 sides is the fruit of tetrapleura tetraptera.

Widely used in traditional medicine. It is known for its many benefits in the treatment of infertility.

Tetrapleura tetraptera works by preventing the action of progesterone on the endometrium (mucous membrane of the uterus) and keeping estrogen levels within normal limits. Since high levels of estrogen promote the development and formation of fibroids, cysts or uterine polyps the action of the plant will quickly cause these tumors to shrink rapidly and reduce your pain.



Since Kigelia is rich in phytoestrogens, the body responds easily to this substance and the growth of breast tissue follows the same process as puberty.
This scientifically proven property of Kigélia has revolutionized the world of cosmetics because many products based on Kigélia have emerged.

The use of Kigelia in traditional African medicine is in some cases validated by corresponding pharmacological properties.

The fruit is used to increase the size of the penis and treat problems of sexual weakness in men.

Bark, root and fruit extracts have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Cinnamic acid derivatives are responsible for the antispasmogenic properties for which Kigelia is used to prevent epileptic seizures.

Leaves and fruits contain flavonoids. High flavonoid concentration may be responsible for antidiarrheal properties.

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The nutritional value of baobab fruit pulp is based on its high content of Calcium, Vitamin C and fibre.

It also significantly contains B-group vitamins (thiamine B1, riboflavin B2 or niacin B3) and amino acids. It is considered a fortifier for all: children, the elderly, sportsmen, and it is particularly recommended to keep shape and vitality!

Baobab powder is also a high-quality pre-biotic (improves intestinal flora) thanks to its high soluble fibre content.

Baobab powder is used as an ingredient in smoothies, juices, cereal bars, jams, vitamin supplements but also for its binding, thickening and acidifying properties. Source of calcium, vitamin C and gluten-free.

Tips for use: Baobab powder can be consumed as is, directly in a yogurt or incorporated into a hot or cold drink.

Other uses:

-For the face

  • Purifying
  • restorative and regenerating
  • softens the skin
  • anti-ageing, it slows down skin aging

- For hair

  • brings shine
  • relaxing
  • sets the loops
  • moisturizer (thanks to the natural sugar it contains)
  • treats irritated scalps
  • regenerating, it promotes hair growth

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Excellent detangler, marshmallow powder is, on its own, a real hair care. It is its richness in mucilage that gives it this power. Suitable for all hair types, it facilitates detangling, sheaths and beautifies them. This powder is very easy to use in the manufacture of vegetable hair masks with water or aloe vera gel. It will become your great ally if your hair tends to get tangled!

Its softening properties are also very popular for skin care. It is soothing and moisturizing which is ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

A powder as soft as the confectionery that bears its name!

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Althaea officinalis root powder

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Exfoliating, illuminating, shine, cleansing

Lemon is a fruit known to all. But do you know it in cosmetics? Lemon Powder from zest is an ingredient with multiple effects on hair and skin.

Lemon powder, 100% pure, is ideal for restoring radiance to the skin. Classified as an enzymatic scrub, this powder has the ability to gently exfoliate the skin. The skin is then cleansed and rid of impurities. Rich in vitamin C, Lemon Powder is an anti-aging and antioxidant powder that is suitable for all skin types.

Strength and shine will also be quickly regained by your hair and nails if you use Lemon Powder in your care. This powder is also specially recommended for blond hair.

Its whitening and descaling properties make it finally suitable for the manufacture of solid or powder toothpaste.

It's sure, in juice or powder, we can't do without lemon!

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Citrus lemon peel powder


In the cosmetics sector, Aloe Vera powder has many virtues. It is ideal as a raw material for your homemade cosmetics. The powder has soothing and nourishing properties.

Aloe Vera powder is a succulent plant of the liliaceae family with pungent leaves, in its leaves is a transparent and gelatinous pulp, it is the treatment of the latter that will make it possible to obtain the organic Aloe Vera powder.

It is ideal for relieving dry skin or fighting skin aging.

Origin: India

Part used: Juice fillet

Method of production: sun drying and spraying

100% pure natural and certified organic powder, without support or additives. Cosmetic and food quality.

Available in 30g, 60g or 100g


Fruit of the kolatier or Colatier (cola nitida), native to West Africa, it is now grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Brazil, but with sometimes very different riches (this one comes from Côte d'Ivoire).

Reduced to powder after drying, its use is facilitated. It is a product that greatly increases endurance while reducing the feeling of hunger. It facilitates digestion and is often used for its antidepressant properties and its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

These effects are similar to those of guarana, but it is strongly recommended not to use both products simultaneously to avoid an overdose that could cause migraines, even nausea and which would guarantee above all acute insomnia.

It helps to combat both physical and intellectual fatigue and to cope with sustained efforts.

Available in 100g or 200g

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Fortifying, stimulating and soothing!

Otherwise known as Maka powder, Bhringraj powder is said to be one of the most effective herbs for promoting hair growth.

You will therefore not be surprised to learn that Bhringraj means "king of hair" in Sanskrit. It protects the hair while cleansing the scalp and is ideal especially for dark hair because this powder can darken the color over time.

Best known for its hair miracles, it also has precious virtues for the skin. Applied to the skin, it soothes sensitive and irritated skin. It also has anti-aging and restorative properties that are ideal for combating skin aging.

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Eclipta alba leaf powder


Bissap has diuretic, feverurifying and, it is excellent to help fight hypertension.

It thins the blood and reduces the effects of alcohol on the system.

It is a drink rich in ascorbic acids and is lent diuretic, sedative and hypotensive, even laxative virtues.

Thanks to its content of fruit acids, it stimulates the regeneration of the skin.

Hibiscus powder is also excellent for strengthening hair and adding shine, while stimulating growth.

You can quite prepare a hair mask with hibiscus powder as the base

It also prevents damaged dandruff and spikes.

Choose from the drop-down menu between classic bissap powder and Vimto bissap powder, make your own Vimto drinks with this powder!



Moringa is a tropical tree. It is known for its nutritional richness full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein.

Used in Ayurvedic medicine, its richness makes it a perfect superfood. It helps the immune system function properly thanks to its rich antioxidants.

This plant is appreciated for the well-being and detox of the body.

Moringa powder provides protein, carbohydrates and good fatty acids as well as fibre and polyphenols. It also provides vitamins A,B,C and E. Its fatty acids promote good cholesterol, and help fight diabetes and obesity

Moringa is a very good dietary supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant and helps reduce fat absorption through its fibre. Its stimulating properties promote digestion and metabolism

In herbal medicine, moringa powder is recommended to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve intestinal transit, reduce fatigue.

Moringa can be added to fruit juices, smoothies, tea, soups, purees, milk, water, yoghurt and dressings.

The powder may also be sprinkled on fruits and vegetables.

The amount to be consumed can adapt to your needs.

2.5 to 5 grams or 2-4 teaspoons (1.2 g per teaspoon) are enough to improve metabolism on a daily basis.

Available in 30g, 60g or 100g packets to choose from in the drop-down menu


Chebee powder is a natural product obtained from the seeds of chebae. It is a miraculous powder that is the secret of the beautiful hair of Chadian women.

The chebe powder sold on the site does not contain any additives, dyes or other powders, it is produced by a chadian women's cooperative.


Available in 20g or 100g

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The barks of "Diekka" (Aldanké) in Wolof or mango bark

These barks help to clean the belly and eliminate "sores" due to pregnancy

Beyond its medicinal properties (Antibiotic and disinfectant):

  • It cleans the impurities of the belly
  • Purifies the lower belly
  • Tightens the vagina
  • Prevents urinary tract infections
  • Recommended to reduce painful periods
  • Recommended to heal wounds after childbirth
  • Rebalancing vaginal flora
  • Nauseating white losses
  • Vaginal Pets
  • Vaginal itching etc...

Aldanké is an organic product that is safe for the woman who has just given birth, it cleans the impurities of the belly but also gives a good vaginal smell.


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Mint powder toothpaste

Properties: Fresh mint refreshes and sanitizes your breath. Its texture removes yellow stains from dyes and black nicotine stains in smokers. It cleans your teeth thoroughly by making them exceptionally clean.

Use: Shake your powder before opening it. Lightly wet your toothbrush and apply it afterwards while tapping on the powder. Immediately close your powder to keep the product fresh and then brush your teeth following your dentist's usual advice.

Brand: Hervital



Tigernut powder is a female aphrodisiac and a natural lubricant. It strengthens the immune system.

The powder is obtained from ground stump seeds. Naturally sweet, gluten-free and allergen-free, it is the ally of nut, gluten and lactose intolerants.

What are the benefits of tigernut powder?

The stump is gluten-free so ideal for people allergic to gluten, people with diabetes and those on unsweetened diets.

It fights constipation, its fibers absorb water and increase the volume of stool by stimulating contractions of the intestines.

It promotes digestion by also allowing good bacteria in our intestines to multiply

It is also an excellent aphrodisiac:

For women:

Combating intimate drought

Fighting frigidity

For men:

Increases sperm quality
Treats premature ejaculation

Available in 30g, 60g and 100g