Conditions générales de vente Fashionista Paris


These conditions are concluded between, on the one hand, FASHIONISTA PARIS, listed on the PARIS RCS at 798 972 519 and is located at EPINAY SUR SEINE (93800) 31 Rue de l'avenir, referred to as " FASHIONISTA PARIS " and on the other hand, customers or godchildren wishing to make one or more purchases on the FASHIONISTA PARIS website referred to as "the user" or "customer". OR "member" or "consumer"

These conditions apply exclusively to non-commercial individuals.

These terms and conditions of sales and use are presented in French. Fashionista Paris reserves the right to change them at any time.

The new version of the terms and conditions of sale and use will apply from the moment it is posted on the website for subsequent product sales.

Each user is therefore invited to regularly read the latest version of the applicable terms and conditions of sale and use.

These terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of all others.

They may be supplemented, if necessary, by specific conditions listed on the website.

Offers submitted by Fashionista Paris are only valid within the limits of available stocks. Most items are sold in one copy.


These terms and conditions are intended to define the terms of sale between Fashionista Paris and the customer, from order to delivery, through payment.

They regulate all the steps necessary to place the order and follow up on this order between the contracting parties.

These conditions apply for the duration of the online service offered by Fashionista Paris.


Contractual information is presented in French.

These " Fashionista Paris " Company's General Terms of Sale and Use define the rights and obligations of the parties in the sale of products and services by Fashionista Paris to the customer and the use of the "" website.

The client states that he has been aware of this and accepted the rights and obligations associated with it.

06 71 21 48 02

Address of correspondence and complaint:

- By email:

Article 2 - Essential Characteristics of Goods and Services Offered

The products sold by Fashionista Paris on its website are exclusively reserved for individuals who contract in this capacity with Fashionista Paris.

The goods concerned: clothing and accessories, cosmetics, shoes, maternity, women's secret products, and ethnic.

Fashionista Paris presents on its website the products for sale with the necessary information, under Article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code, which provides for the possibility for the consumer to know before the final order, the characteristics of the products offered.

The items sold are described and presented on the site with the utmost accuracy.

Fashionista Paris is committed to making the best efforts to correct errors or omissions as quickly as possible after being informed.

All users have a 14-day right of return, as defined in these terms and conditions of sale Not valid for items in the category "Women's Secrets", masks, lingerie, swimsuits and cosmetics and when handing over.

The services concerned: sale of goods sold on the site

Delivery methods: delivery by mail by unsigned parcelsimo, Mondial Relay, letter followed.

If the product is unavailable after you place your order, Fashionista Paris will notify you by email.

Your order will be automatically cancelled and you will be refunded instantly for a paypal payment on your account, the bank deadlines will apply for payment by credit card.

Article 3 - Fashionista Paris Terms

Fashionista Paris provides customers with the conditions of sale and use in a way that allows them permanent and easy access, their preservation and their reproduction. Fashionista Paris remains committed to its offer as long as it is accessible electronically on its own. This concerns:

The various steps to follow in concluding the contract electronically and the acceptance of these;

The technical means by which the user, prior to the conclusion of the contract, can identify errors in data entry and correct it;

The language proposed for the conclusion of the contract: French or English; - in the case of archiving of the contract, the terms of this archiving by the author of the offer and the conditions of access to the archived contract;

the means of electronically consulting the professional and commercial rules (professional charter, code of good practice, commercial guarantees, etc.) to which the author of the offer intends, if necessary, to submit.

Article 4 - Detailed mention of the price of the good or service offered

Prices are shown in euros all taxes included but excluding participation in logistics preparation and shipping costs.

Logistics participation and delivery costs are indicated during the ordering process.

Participation in logistics preparation and shipping costs is defined as TTC.

With regard to the comparison prices displayed possibly next to the selling price, they are established using the recommended or recognized price of the product. Fashionista Paris reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but products will be charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of order registration (subject to availability).

Article 5 - Conclusion of the online contract

1) Preliminary formalities

The user places his order online from the online catalogue on the "" site, following the instructions provided on the site for this purpose.

Before confirming its acceptance of the offer, the consumer checks:

The details of his order:

- relevant products or services,

- possible price reductions,

- payment method,

- delivery mode,

The total TTC price,

and corrects any errors.

Any order is worth accepting prices and describing the products available for sale.

Thus, after selecting the various items to order, the customer by clicking the "Valider" button during the ordering process, declares that he fully and unreservedly accepts all of these General Terms of Sale and Use.

2) Accused of receiving the order electronically

Fashionista Paris address the buyer an acknowledgement of receipt of the order electronically, as soon as possible.

This formality gives the buyer the certainty that his intention to contract has been taken into account.

3) Confirmation of the order by the consumer

The consumer confirms the order with the following summaries:

Contract offer information (name and seller's contact information; delivery fee, payment, delivery or execution terms),

Information on the terms and conditions of the exercise of the right of withdrawal,

Address of the supplier's establishment where the consumer can make his claims,

Information on after-sales service and business guarantees.

Fashionista Paris will do everything possible to process all orders, but reserves the right to accept or not to accept orders in the event of a dispute between a customer and Fashionista Paris by cancelling their order and making a full refund of the order.

In the event of product downtime after the order is placed and before the end of shipments of the relevant sale, the user will be informed by email or phone of the delivery of a partial order or the cancellation of his order.

Article 6 - Payment

The user pays for purchases online, to order after learning and accepting the terms and conditions of sale, by credit card via Payplug, or via paypal

All payments via Payplug require 3D Secure

He can also pay his order by cheque or bank transfer, the order is sent on receipt of one of these two means of payment.

Failing to receive payment by cheque or transfer within 5 days, the order will have to be cancelled.

The online provision of the credit card number and the final validation of the order will be proof of the entire order in accordance with the provisions of the law of 13 March 2000 and will be worth the sums incurred by the seizure of the items on the purchase order.

This validation is worth signing and express acceptance of all operations carried out on the site.

Users guarantee that they are fully entitled to use the credit card used for payment and that this credit card provides access to sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the order on the "" website. Only those legally able to contract for goods and services offered on the site can order from the "" website.

The user's bank account will be debited on the date of the order and it will be considered effective after confirmation of the agreement of the bank payment centres. If the bank refuses, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The products remain the property of Fashionista Paris until the full payment of the price. Fashionista Paris reserves the right to refuse any order from a member with whom there is a dispute.

In the event of product downtime, partially honoured orders or cancellation of orders, and if the debit of the user's bank account has already been made at the time of the information given on the unavailability of the product, a request will be made for reimbursement of the sums incurred. An email will be sent to the user about this.

Following this request, the speed with which the bank account will be credited depends on the type of bank card of the customer: - in the case of an immediate debit card, the current account is credited within 3 to 8 days depending on the bank;

- in the case of a debit card, the credit appears under the same conditions as the usual debits on the card account and not on the current account.

If this refund is longer, it is strongly recommended that the customer contact his bank.

Important information: PayPal charges the seller the transaction fee when an order is cancelled, so these fees will be charged to the buyer in case of cancellation due to a withdrawal or order error.


The "" site is the subject of an efficient security system.

Not only is the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) process adopted, but it also strengthens all jamming and encryption processes to protect all sensitive data related to payment methods as effectively as possible.

Fashionista Paris does not have access to confidential payment information. This is why the user's bank details will be requested with each new order.

In the event of a refusal of payment by bank card from the officially accredited banking bodies, Fashionista Paris reserves the right to suspend the management of the customer's order and delivery and to refuse or cancel any order from a customer with whom there would be a dispute over the payment of a previous order.


A detailed invoice will be given to the customer when the products purchased and downloadable are delivered from the user's customer account.

Article 7 - Retraction period

The consumer has 14 days to retract without having to justify reasons or pay penalties except for the return of the product, from the receipt of his purchase (sale of goods). Not valid for items in the category "Women's Secrets", lingerie, swimsuits and cosmetics (for hygiene reasons) and when handing over.

The customer exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code within 14 days of receipt of the goods. This right is exercised by returning the product to Fashionista Paris, having sent an email within 48 hours after receipt.

This ability to retract can never play a role if the products delivered have clearly been used sustainably (beyond a few minutes) or if the items have been handed over.

In any case, the products must be returned in their original packaging, in a state of resale, undaese or soiled, complete (notices, possible accessories ...).

A refund may be refused by Fashionista Paris if the items received in return have been used visibly.

Fashionista Paris refunds in euros by transfer to the maximum amount actually paid by the customer (subtracts initial shipping and return costs) as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the withdrawal date. (Specified by the date the parcel is received in return)

So in the case of a retraction:

The customer sends an email within 48 hours as soon as the article is received (stamp of the post office authentic)

The customer returns the product or products to the address listed above

Once the parcel has been received and processed by Fashionista Paris, a credit is credited to the Customer's account, it can be used immediately and valid for one year.

(This Assets can be seen in the "My Account -> My Assets" section of the website

If the Customer wants a cash refund of this credit, he can then apply for it.

As soon as the customer takes his request into account by Fashionista Paris, the Customer will be reimbursed for the amount of the credit within 8 days.

Article 8 - Delivery of the property or performance of the service

The user must choose the place of delivery. He has the choice to be delivered:

- either at home,

- either at a different address than billing.

Fashionista Paris undertakes to deliver ordered items as soon as possible. The average time frame for items available to order is 3 days for France.

When delivery is offered, Fashionista Paris will opt for the cheapest delivery.

When the deadlines are different, they are specified at the "order validation" stage, including the "order summary." These deadlines are again specified in the "Delivery Tracking" section.

All deliveries are announced by email.

When shipping a full order, Fashionista Paris warns that an original invoice including delivery fees and VAT is available online.

In the case of a partial shipment, a purchase order, summarizing the products actually present in the package, is attached. Fashionista Paris delivers parcels throughout metropolitan France and DOM TOM (including Monaco and Corsica) and the European Union.

In case of absence during delivery, at the address indicated by the customer, a notice of passage is normally deposited in the mailbox. It is then possible to pick up the parcel at the nearest post office within 10 days of filing this notice.

If the package is delivered by carrier, a notice is also left in the customer's mailbox. It will then be up to the customer to contact the carrier to agree on a new delivery date.

In order to optimize delivery, the user must mention an address to which the order can be delivered at business hours. The delivery time is set on average from 48 hours to 72 hours except when more precise deadlines have been indicated at the time of the presentation of the postage, which is then available on the "Order Tracking" on the "" website. Unless special stipulation, the products are delivered within the time frames mentioned above, when the order is placed.

It is up to the recipient to check the shipments on arrival and to make any reservations and complaints that would appear justified, or even to refuse the package, if it is likely to have been opened or if it bears clear signs of deterioration. The so-called reservations and complaints must be addressed to the carrier by recommended letter with acknowledgement within three business days of the delivery of the products, a copy will be immediately addressed to Fashionista Paris.

If the products delivered do not comply in kind or in quality with respect to the specifications specified in the delivery order, the customer must, on pain of forfeiture, make his claims within fourteen days after delivery. In case of delay, break or missing, the member can contact customer service.

Misplaced parcels: When a parcel leaves Fashionista Paris's warehouses, it is transported through:

The Post Office (in Colissimo Unsigned Follow-up)

The customer is informed of this departure by sending an email summarizing the products sent and informing the tracking number (often starting with 8J or 5Y...) allowing to click or log in ( to know its evolution.

If the website malfunctions, the member has another way to know the follow-up of his order:

- By calling: 3631 (Price of a local communication)

The customer will have to give his follow-up number, mentioned in the email Fashionista Paris sent him. It then takes 2 to 5 working days to be delivered or receive a notice of passage in the mailbox. From the time the notice of passage is deposited in the client's mailbox, the client has about 10 days to remove it from the post office. If this deadline was exceeded, the package would be returned to Fashionista Paris.

However, if 5 business days after the parcel is sent, the customer has no news of his order, he must approach the post office closest to the place of delivery indicated on the parcel.

If neither the Post Office nor the parcel tracking ( say they have a record of this package, then the customer must come forward to Fashionista Paris. The customer service of Fashionista Paris will then open a survey with the services of the Post Office.

The client will then receive an email telling them that an investigation is being opened. The Times for the Post Office's final response vary from one (1) to three (3) weeks, from the time the email sent to the customer is sent.

- If the parcel is found, it is then sent to the customer: the reception procedure then follows its normal course (deposit of the parcel or notice of passage, etc.).

- If the parcel is declared lost (the final answer is often formulated within the maximum time frame, i.e. three (3) weeks), Fashionista Paris then notifies the customer and initiates the refund of the package

A package marked as delivered in the customer's mailbox or delivered to the custodian, is considered to be delivered. Fashionista Paris cannot be held responsible for theft, loss after deposit in the customer's mailbox.

It is up to the customer to pick up his parcel within the time allotted by the Post Office, in case of return to Fashionista Paris, the parcel can be returned at the customer's expense, if the customer wishes to obtain the refund, the latter will be subtracted from the initial delivery fee.

In the event of non-delivery due to an address problem indicated by the customer at the time of the order, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer. If the customer wishes to be reimbursed, the initial port costs will be subtracted from the refund. If the customer wants another shipment, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

For any request for information or questions, the member can contact Fashionista Paris

Customs duties

Fashionista Paris reminds customers residing outside metropolitan France that it is their responsibility to review the legislation in force in their territory of residence, particularly with regard to possible customs duties and import taxes to which products sold by Fashionista Paris are likely to be subject.

The sales prices set by Fashionista Paris do not include any tax other than French VAT when it is applicable, including no customs duties or import tax established by any country or territory.

No claim for such fees will therefore be accepted by Fashionista Paris.

If the customer does not wish to pay the customs fees, the parcel will be sent back to Fashionista Paris, the shipping costs will be withheld.

Article 9 - Intellectual Property

The fact of affixing a hyperlink to the site, using the technique known as framing or deep linking, is strictly prohibited.

Any other use is infringing and sanctioned under Intellectual Property unless Fashionista Paris. Full or partial reproduction of the Fashionista Paris catalogue is strictly prohibited.

Article 10 - Evidence

Computerized records, stored in the computer systems of the company Fashionista Paris and its partners under reasonable security conditions, will be considered evidence of communications, orders and payments between the parties.

Article 11 - Settlement and archiving of transactions

The archiving of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium in order to correspond to a faithful and lasting copy in accordance with Article 1348 of the Civil Code


Fashionista Paris has, for all stages of access to the site, the ordering process, delivery or later services, only a means obligation. The liability of Fashionista Paris cannot be incurred for all the inconveniences or damages inherent in the use of the Internet network, including a breach of service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or in fact classified as force majeure, in accordance with the jurisprudence.

The items sold are described and presented on the site with the utmost accuracy. If, despite all the precautions taken, errors occurred at the site, Fashionista Paris could not be initiated by this fact. Except in the case of a guarantee, any transaction between Fashionista Paris and its customers, uncontested within 6 months, will no longer be able to give rise to a claim.

Fashionista Paris cannot be held responsible for any damage of any kind, whether physical, immaterial or bodily, that could result from malfunction or misuse of marketed products. The liability of Fashionista Paris will, in any event, be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be questioned for simple errors or omissions that could have persisted despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products.

Fashionista Paris may not be held liable to a user or a third party for any indirect damage, loss of operations, profit or turnover, which occurred in any way, even if that damage or loss or injury was foreseeable by Fashionista Paris, or if its eventuality had been brought to its attention. Without limiting the preceding paragraphs, the liability of Fashionista Paris under these Terms and Conditions may not exceed the amount paid or payable at the time of the transaction at the origin of that liability, regardless of the cause or form of the action concerned.

Fashionista Paris cannot be held responsible for the breach of contract concluded in the event of force majeure, total or partial disruption or strike, including postal and transport services and/or communications, flooding, fire.

In the event of a dispute, the CLIENT will first turn to Fashionista Paris for an amicable solution.

These General Terms of Sale and Use in the French language will be executed and interpreted in accordance with French law.


In the event that one of the clauses of this contract is null and void by a change in legislation, regulation or a court decision, this cannot in any way affect the validity and compliance with the other provisions of these terms and conditions of sale and use.

Article 13 - Nominal Data

The user is informed that this automated processing of information, including the management of users' email addresses, has been reported to the CNIL (Declaration Number: 1834521)

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, the user has the right to access and correct the data concerning him.

Fashionista Paris undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information provided by members on the site.

These are confidential.

They will only be used by its internal services for the processing of the order and only to strengthen and personalize communication, notably through letters/emails of information as part of the personalization of the site according to the preferences of users.

Each client has the right to access, rectify and object to the processing of his personal data, in accord with the provisions of the Computer and Freedoms Act of January 6, 1978, as amended by the Act of August 6, 2004. To do this, the user is asked to go to the following address:

The member can also exercise his right of objection by sending an email and stating "I wish to terminate my account"

Fashionista Paris may also provide consolidated statistics on its members, sales, trading structures and information on the site to trusted third parties, but these statistics will not contain any personal data. In the event of a transfer of files in the event of a transfer of activity to a third party, Fashionista Paris undertakes to inform the user of the site beforehand.

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