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Maca, sometimes called Peruvian ginseng, is a plant of the brassicaceae family (the turnip family...) that grows at altitude (around 4000 meters in the Peruvian Andes.

Very rich in calcium and potassium but quite low in sodium, it contains many essential trace elements: iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc as well as fatty acids and 19 important amino acids.

This plant, considered sacred by the Incas, was used in ancient times to strengthen virility and facilitate fertility. This powerful aphrodisiac for both men and women greatly increases libido and sexual desire. In association with tribulus terrestris, it promotes fertility. With ginseng, it effectively fights against lack of desire and frigidity.

It is recommended by many specialists, associated with spirulina to soothe painful periods and menstrual disorders in general as well as to decrease the symptoms of menopause (hot flashes...)

Associated with guarana, it promotes concentration, helps maintain memory...

It is a general tonic, which restores energy and vitality especially in periods of great fatigue (intensive sport, examinations, convalescence ...) and thus helps the body to withstand stress.



Very effective and powerful aphrodisiac.

Malaysian royal honey enhances men's sexual ability.

This natural aphrodisiac treats erectile dysfunction, short duration of sex, weakness of sexual pleasure and orgasm, lack or absence of fertilization, weakness of sperm and lack of sex, avoidance of sex and lack of repetition, fatigue after sex, loss of body and weak bones.

Sold by 18g bag and not the box


WUG Climax is consumed ten minutes before having a relationship. For people weighing more than 80 kg, take two chewing gums to achieve the desired effect.


Andean Maca Ginseng (c) Damiana (c) Muira Puama (c) Trebulus Terrestris

Active Principles

Andean Maca

Maca, in addition to invigorating the body and mind, is a powerful aphrodisiac and sexual repairer. Research on its chemical composition has shown that maca root contains a substance called p-methoxybenzyle isothiocyanate, which increases female libido and helps solve impotence problems.


Damiana is a plant of Mexican origin that is mainly recognized as a natural stimulant without toxicity, effective in increasing sexual vigour in both sexes.


The most recognized effect of ginseng is the stimulation of libido on the sex glands. In women, it is beneficial for those who are in the early stages of menopause. Similarly, in men increases blood flow to the penis.

Muira Puama

The use of Muira Puama in the short term, increases blood flow to the pelvic region, helping to prolong the sensation of pleasure and orgasm in women, as well as erections in men. Long-term use increases the production of sex hormones in both sexes. Muira Puama is a true natural aphrodisiac and can provide the most effective natural therapeutic method for loss of libido in both sexes.


Spanish Fly - Intense Passion stimulates sexual energy and erotic arousal. These drops generate an erotic stimulus that increases sexual desire. For optimal sexual performance and more fun.

Containing L-arginine HCL (stimulating blood flow to the genitals). Vitamin C ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system and provides the body with an optimal energy supply. All this will improve physical endurance and sexual energy


Etumax Ginseng

Contains pure honey, enriched with royal jelly, bee pollen and blend of rainforest herbs, ginseng, yohimbe. Powerful aphrodisiac.

What are the benefits of Etumax?

Regain sexual energy, desire, libido.

Treat erection problems.

Manage sexual impotence.

Treat premature ejaculation.

Promote fertility.

Combat the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue after sexual performance.

Sold by stick of 20g


Sudan honey is a premium high quality honey. Its enriched formula makes it a luxurious cocktail to use subtly for special occasions. Very little known in France, its aphrodisiac function is a leading alternative against impotence problems in humans.

Sudan honey: an overpowering cocktail

Sudan honey is a blend of honey, royal jelly and tropical herbs sold in a 10-gram bag. it is a very effective natural aphrodisiac. It speeds up blood flow through the body by irrigating the reproductive muscle.

This is its primary function. Honey, let alone royal jelly, are considerable energy boosters. They boost the immune system in a mind-boggling way and give a dazzling force. By juxtaposing high-value products, the Honey of Sudan in a pod will restore muscle and courage by stimulating physical effort.

Tongkat Ali spices: a remarkable plant

Many medicinal plants in the world come from Chinese medicine or are part of the pharmacopoeia of Southeast Asia. Among these effective remedies is the Plant of Tongkat Ali. This tropical wetland herbaceous plant is also a surprising aphrodisiac that gives tone to the Sudan honey formula. Indeed, the honey of Sudan could not live up to its commitment without this precious Asian spice. Effectively, it will bring its final touch and stimulating power to our precious cocktail.


Since Kigelia is rich in phytoestrogens, the body responds easily to this substance and the growth of breast tissue follows the same process as puberty.
This scientifically proven property of Kigélia has revolutionized the world of cosmetics because many products based on Kigélia have emerged.

The use of Kigelia in traditional African medicine is in some cases validated by corresponding pharmacological properties.

The fruit is used to increase the size of the penis and treat problems of sexual weakness in men.

Bark, root and fruit extracts have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Cinnamic acid derivatives are responsible for the antispasmogenic properties for which Kigelia is used to prevent epileptic seizures.

Leaves and fruits contain flavonoids. High flavonoid concentration may be responsible for antidiarrheal properties.

Available in 30g and 60g


Aphrodisiac love drops are intended for men who want to improve their body condition before having sex. It is a natural fortifier composed of date pollen. A mixture of rainforest herbs, as well as honey from Sudan enhanced by royal jelly.

This sexual stimulant comes in the form of 10 gram sticks. This is to be taken 1 hour before intercourse, without exceeding one dose per day. This 100% natural product is very effective and is a great success.


TITAN XXL-Sexual Stimulant

Erection and Testosterone

For whom

  • Men who are not satisfied with their erections
  • Men who lack sexual desire

The most Titan XXL: its extended-release tablet that allows you to get a longer action!

Focus on the main components of Titan XXL:

  • Tribulus helps improve erectile function and sexual performance in men.
  • Ginseng helps induce and improve erection.
  • Mélilot and Piper nigrum promote blood flow through the small blood vessels of the penis.

Tips for use:

2 tablets 1 hour before sex

€8.90 €4.45

With a nice heart on the front, this men's candy thong is a must to make your evenings even more exciting.
Adjusting to all sizes thanks to its elastic string, it can be sucked, licked but also crunched.

Unique size

Dextrose, modified corn starch, anti-aggler: magnesium salts of fatty acids, acidifier: citric acid, aromas, stabilizer: gum arabic, coating agents: carnauba wax, dye E129

€12.95 €9.95

Boosts sexual performance with L-arginine and vitamin C.


  • Improves sexual performance
  • Boosts erotic energy
  • Supports inner vitality
  • Boosts sexual desire and intimacy

Spanish Drops - Chocolate Sense stimulates lust in a unique way and provides extra sexual energy and optimal erotic excitement.

These drops with the sweet flavor of chocolate give a sexual stimulus, by which sexual desire increases. For optimal sexual performance and extra pleasure.


Maca Extra Forte (60 capsules)

Aphrodisiac for men and women
60 capsules

For whom?

Men and women who want to boost their sexual desire
Men and women who wish to conceive a child

Focus on the Maca

This ancestral plant helps to increase sexual desire.
In humans, it also improves sperm production
In women, it promotes hormonal balance and thus promotes fertility