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€5.00 €4.25

Wedding Flowers Protective Mask

It is important to remember that masks do not guarantee 100% the non-transmission of a virus.

They are however effective in limiting the spread of the virus and can be used later as an anti-pollution mask in major cities.

They prevent the projection of droplets and should therefore be reserved for non-sanitary use.

An opening is planned to integrate a filter

Price per unit 5 euros

2 masks - 8 euros

3 masks 10.50 euros

Model to choose from drop-down menu (adult or child size)

The colour of the elastics may be black or white (non-contract photo)

Recall of barrier gestures to protect against COVID 19

Gestes barrières COVID 19

€14.90 €10.00

The scarf is wax and satin. It is made up of two strips allowing a very easy attachment. Anyone can do it, even beginners.

Suitable for all hair types but especially dry and brittle hair, satin keeps all the hydration and nutrients in your hair throughout the day.

Satin avoids friction and thus hair breakage.

So if you're lazy to do your hair, or you haven't finished your head (it can happen lol), or just love wearing scarves, this scarf is for you!