Flash on the preconceived ideas that inhibit women. Embarrassing question that women hardly answer.

All women are clitoral. Vaginal is a false belief.

The only natural female organ dedicated exclusively to pleasure is the clitoris. It is the same for this mysterious part housed under the clitoris at the entrance of the vagina that is clumsily called point G point instead of zone G. 

These preconceived ideas must be elucidated to avoid sleepless nights for women, complexes and constant malaise. It is recommended that men learn about the woman before diving into the murky waters of marriage.

This is essential. Sex in marriage is not just about meeting the "P" and the "V". 


When we are interested in excision reconstructive surgery, it is easy to understand that we are immersed in an ocean of false certainties. 

It should be noted that not all excised women need it because some have not been greatly dispossessed of their clitoris, organ of pleasure. Indeed, the clitoris is a form of fine glans of which the large part is immersed. 

This is what the surgeon will seek to bud again as part of a repair. It is connected to the vagina by muscles including a root that crosses the urethra. This is what the surgeon will seek to bud again as part of a repair. It is connected to the vagina by muscles including a root that crosses the urethra.

The pleasure ?


You should know that the pleasure that is obtained by the clitoris outside coitus is the same as vaginal orgasm. Stimulation of the clitoris can be done internally as well as externally. 

It is the blood that fills the muscles that then get erect to wriggle and sparkle. 

These different muscles associated with those of the perineum come to a boil thanks to intense blood flow. 

Both the vagina and the clitoris are interconnected by erectile bodies that trigger pleasure. So, clitoral or vaginal remains to the false debate. 

When it comes to pleasure, everything is governed by the way, the way the clitoris is touched (external or internal), the way the man goes about exploring this mysterious female body.

Educating men?


What is essential is to educate men. We grow up with a lot of misconceptions.  

At the "Diakhlé" bench where I have my habits, we have established a ritual of "Zero taboos" where everyone can ask the questions that plague them. 

When we did not have the answer through personal experiences, we go in search of information via a network of seasoned professionals or men and women connoisseurs.

Thus, we have understood that we are often clumsy and naïve. Not everything is physical. 

When women are covered with attention, surprises, respect, their bodies and minds become receptive wonderfully. 

No need for Herculean effort to fill them. 

We also learned that, if the man is interested in the whole body of the woman, he can cause miracle reactions, a festival of water jets and runoff. Similarly, not all men are on an equal footing. 

Some have refractory periods, others luckier, stay on guard to you all the time. 

In the context of marriage, the man must always be curious, open-minded. 

Beware of false certainties, this misses the point.

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