Le Chébé: the secret to long afro frizzy hair


Afro women with frizzy but very long hair, you find that impossible? You know what ? It's possible. And you too can have long and shiny hair. You just have to know the "secret".


 A very small plant: the chébé. The latter was unveiled by Youtuber Miss Sahel. Since then, chébé powder has become essential for having very long and thick hair.


Want to know more about this plant? Zoom in on the chébé and the miracles he can work in your life. Finally, especially for your hair


The chébé and Chadian women: a story of the heart


Chebe powder, chébé oil, chébé butter… they all come from the chébé and are from Chad. Produced from the seeds of chébé, they have long been the secret of women in Chad, before the latter was unveiled in a YouTube video in 2017.



These are mainly Chadian women from the Bassara tribe. They are famous for their very long hair, which never stops growing. Their hair is absolutely gorgeous, especially long and thick. The dream of every woman with frizzy, mixed or curly hair.



In the video in question, these women were seen applying chebe powder to their hair and a few other ingredients. We immediately understood that this miracle was due to this plant!


They then made braids called "gourounnes". This greatly contributes to fortify and protect the hair.



The chébé: essential plant for long-lasting hair growth



Try to discover a little the benefits of chébé for your hair and you will take your breath away!


As you might expect, this plant provides impressive hair growth. Your hair will be longer and will continue to grow for quite a while!



For example, by applying chébé powder to your hair regularly, you will notice that the latter will become stronger, less brittle and the split ends will disappear. Which of course will reduce falls.


But that's not all. The chébé is rich in mineral and vegetable proteins. Do you know what that means? Well, in addition to protecting your hair, our plant nourishes and hydrates your hair. These will be healthier and brighter!


So, if you have damaged, dry, or frizzy Afro hair, get into the habit of applying cheek to your hair regularly. With this simple routine, a miracle will happen in your hair! But you have to know how to do it.


How to use products derived from the chébé?



Be aware that the chébé plant exists in different forms when it comes to its use: chébé powder, chébé oil and chébé butter. But whatever the form, the chébé will benefit your hair if you know how to apply it.



Chebe powder



This is the best known and most widespread form. Chébé powder has enormous benefits for the hair. In addition to those already mentioned, it makes the hair bushy, long and shiny. As you always dreamed of. What's more, the hair grows as quickly as possible and is incredibly supple.



And guess what? Even men can use it. The powdered chébé helps fight against baldness. So, how to use the powder of chébé in order to benefit from its benefits?

The different forms of use of powdered chebe



Chébé powder can be used in 3 ways. You can choose to add a vegetable oil, such as coconut oil. In this case, you leave it on your hair in the form of a mask for at least 3 hours before washing your hair.



A second way is to use olive oil. And in this case, you keep the mixture for a week before applying it to your hair.



And finally, you can simply make your chébé powder into hair cream. To do this, you will have to add castor oil and shea butter.



Each time, mix well enough to obtain a smooth mixture.



How to apply the mixture?



Whichever method you choose to use, section your hair into parts according to their density. You can also use a spray bottle to moisten the strands.

Then spread the mixture on your hair, from the roots to the ends. Don't forget any wicks, be sure to touch them all. To be able to keep your hair like this for a few days, cover it with a cap or make a large braid.


But beware ! Do not touch the scalp. It might scratch. Small tip, start 1cm from your hairline.


And to avoid any unpleasant surprises, start with just a few wicks to test the effect of the product on you. Once you make sure everything is good, you can apply it all over your hair. And if you want quick, long-term results, make it a routine to apply every 3 to 5 days.


But if you notice that your hair is becoming brittle or changing in texture instead, wash it and look no further.


Also be aware that chébé powder can be messy. So take your precautions not to stain your clothes. But we have other alternatives for you.

Chebe oil


This oil has the same virtues as chébé powder. But it is applied as an oil bath, and results may take longer. You can use it alone or in combination with other oils. Then simply massage your hair for 5 to 10 minutes.


Chebe oil can also be added to any kind of hair mask, even shea butter to be applied specifically to the hair.


Chébé butter


Chebe butter is made by mixing chébé oil and powder with shea butter and beeswax. In addition to stimulating rapid hair growth, this mixture helps repair hair damaged by excessive use of chemicals.


Where to find products derived from the chébé?


 Do you want to have long, healthy and shiny hair? Now you know what to do! The secret is finally revealed to you.


And you know what ? You don't have to travel far to get these miracle products. Whether in Paris, France and around the world, you are served on Fashionista Paris! From powdered chébé to chébé oil to chébé butter, all you have to do is treat yourself or your hair.

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Chebee powder is a natural product obtained from the seeds of chebae. It is a miraculous powder that is the secret of the beautiful hair of Chadian women.

The chebe powder sold on the site does not contain any additives, dyes or other powders, it is produced by a chadian women's cooperative.


Available in 20g or 100g


The chebe oil comes from the seeds of "Zambezi croton", a tropical plant found only in Africa. Chebee oil is widely used in Chad, especially by Bassara women, particularly known for their long frizzy hair.


- promotes hair growth
- limits hair breakage
- intensely moisturizes
- anti-fall
- repairs split ends


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