Irregular cycles, painful periods, urinary tract infections etc. are the regular lot of many women.

Against these various evils, plants can be true allies for their well-being.

Capable of relieving and curing female ailments, plants are used in infusion or decoction. Some of them are millennia old and have proven to be effective.

These "natural drugs" that ensure women's health are provided with an update.

The leaves of djeka

Feuilles de djeka - Fashionista Paris

Jeka leaves are traditional African plants. They have antispasmodic and sedative virtues.

These leaves are used in decoction to clean the uterus and belly of its impurities, to treat the wounds of childbirth and urinary tract infections. In addition, they tighten the muscles of the vagina.

These plants also treat problems of white loss and vaginal odors.

The Esese, 4 sides

Fruit 4 cotés - Fashionista Paris

The esese, also called 4 sides is the fruit of tetrapleura tetraptera. It is known for its many benefits.

Swollen and painful breasts, tense stomach, black ideas... symptoms of premenstrual syndrome occur regularly in the days leading up to menstruation and affect nearly 8 out of 10 women.

Esese helps regulate the hormonal variations responsible for these annoyances.

Very effective also against vaginal itching, it can give a good intimate smell to the woman.

The leaves of vetiver

Feuilles de vétiver/ Khamaré - Fashionista Paris

Vetiver leaves are found in many tropical countries, including Africa, India and China.

They are plants with multiple and unsuspected virtues.

These leaves are eaten lukewarm as an infusion by future and new brides, but also by women who have just given birth.

African women use them as natural disinfectants, to cleanse impurities in the stomach, and to soothe the pain caused by menstrual periods.

They can also be used to lubricate and naturally perfume the vagina and prevent urinary tract infections.


La Sauge - Fashionista Paris

Sage is a plant known since ancient times for its many medicinal properties. But it is especially for women's health that it is beneficial, because of its high content of female hormones.

Rich in phytoestrogens, sage is an ally for the transition to menopause. It reduces hot flashes and can also support the nervous system during anxiety or depressive states.

Moreover, it increases libido, is relaxing and antispasmodic.

What plants do you use?

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