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Garcinia Kola, commonly known as "bitter kola," is a nut native to West Africa. This natural ingredient is renowned for its medicinal properties and traditional use in various cultures. Here is an overview of the key characteristics of this plant:

Key Features:

  1. Traditional Benefits: Garcinia Kola has a historical use in traditional medicine for potential properties, including antioxidant and stimulant effects.

  2. Natural Caffeine Content: It naturally contains caffeine, making it a natural stimulant. However, caffeine levels may vary.

  3. Dietary Usage: In some regions, Garcinia Kola nuts are consumed as snacks or added to traditional dishes.

  4. Potential Antimicrobial Properties: Studies suggest that Garcinia Kola may have antimicrobial properties, making it a potential choice for managing certain infections.

  5. Respiratory Support: It is also associated with potential respiratory health benefits according to traditional uses.


Recommended Uses:

  1. Nutritional Supplement: Garcinia Kola is available as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules or powder.

  2. Incorporation in Cuisine: Nuts can be chewed directly, or the powder can be added to smoothies, soups, or other dishes.

  3. Traditional Use: Following traditional practices, Garcinia Kola is sometimes used for specific rituals and ceremonies.

Usage Precautions:

  • Consult a healthcare professional before adding Garcinia Kola supplements to your diet, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Limit the consumption of Garcinia Kola in pregnant women due to its stimulant effects. No more than 2 a day


Garcinia Kola is typically available in airtight packaging, preserving its freshness and properties.

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