Royal aphrodisiac honey from Sudan

Royal aphrodisiac honey from Sudan

Epinay sur Seine
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Sudan honey is a premium high quality honey. Its enriched formula makes it a luxurious cocktail to use subtly for special occasions. Very little known in France, its aphrodisiac function is a leading alternative against impotence problems in humans.

Sudan honey: an overpowering cocktail

Sudan honey is a blend of honey, royal jelly and tropical herbs sold in a 10-gram bag. it is a very effective natural aphrodisiac. It speeds up blood flow through the body by irrigating the reproductive muscle.

This is its primary function. Honey, let alone royal jelly, are considerable energy boosters. They boost the immune system in a mind-boggling way and give a dazzling force. By juxtaposing high-value products, the Honey of Sudan in a pod will restore muscle and courage by stimulating physical effort.

Tongkat Ali spices: a remarkable plant

Many medicinal plants in the world come from Chinese medicine or are part of the pharmacopoeia of Southeast Asia. Among these effective remedies is the Plant of Tongkat Ali. This tropical wetland herbaceous plant is also a surprising aphrodisiac that gives tone to the Sudan honey formula. Indeed, the honey of Sudan could not live up to its commitment without this precious Asian spice. Effectively, it will bring its final touch and stimulating power to our precious cocktail.

Sold by unit of 10g not the box


Don't exceed the contents of a stick (10 g) once a day.

to take 1 hour before intercourse


- Pure honey, royal jelly, tongkat ali and aromatic herb from tropical forests.

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