The nigella, also known as "black cumin," is an aromatic plant containing edible black seeds. These nigella seeds are often used in cooking as a spice, but they are also full of many therapeutic properties.

They have the power to eliminate toxins from the body, but not only. The health benefits of nigella seeds are innumerable and have the advantage of being suitable for all age groups.

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What are the benefits of nigella seeds?

Immune system - antioxidant

Nigelle - Système immunitaire

By releasing histamines, the nigella seed will help strengthen the immune system. These elements will relieve spasms of the bronchial muscles, and will reduce the risk of colds, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Histamine is a molecule used as a signal to the immune system but also to the nervous system. It plays a role in the quality of sleep, for example.

In addition, its antioxidant richness optimizes antibodies and helps prevent diseases such as infectious mononucleosis.

Digestion - cholesterol

Digestion & Cholesterol - Nigelle

It is also a perfect ally to promote digestion in order to limit transit problems such as bloating and prevent intestinal infections.

By stimulating insulin, nigella regulates glucose and triglycerides. This allows it to be a preventive treatment for diabetes. With detoxifying properties, it will normalize cholesterol levels in the blood and promote the function of the kidneys and liver. And at the same time, it also has the ability to control blood pressure.

Nervous system

Systèm nerveux - Nigelle

In addition, thanks to its sedative properties, the nigella seed reduces stress and fatigue, to help restore optimal sleep.

The histamines contained in nigella are a neurotransmitter acting on sleep and its sleep-wake and wake cycles.


It is excellent for joint disorders such as rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis or gout. Its anti-inflammatory effects are a valuable help in treating skin irritations and rosacea.

At this level, it can also solve dermatological problems such as eczema, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis or sunburn.

How do I use the nigella seeds?

You can eat the seeds directly, they digest well, but for them to be effective, you must at least chew them well.

You can also mix them, then eat the powder directly in the prescribed amount, usually a teaspoon morning and evening.

To make the nigella taste less, you can mix them with honey.

The nigella has a strong and quite bitter fragrance, the honey will alleviate this bitterness and the mixture becomes very easy to consume.

Mix the seeds, then mix 1 to 2 doses of nigella for 2 doses of honey.

Eat the prescribed amount in the morning on an empty date, 30 minutes before breakfast, and optional in the evening, usually a teaspoon.

Seeds can also be infused in water as in any drink: tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices, etc.

Put the seeds in a blender, then dilute the powder directly into the drink and in the prescribed amount, usually a teaspoon morning and evening. If you do not mold the seeds, boil (or at least heat almost to a boil, if the drink does not lend itself to boiling) the drink, and let the seeds infuse about 10 min before drinking.

Nigella oil

Huile et graines de nigelle

Also known as black cumin oil, nigella oil has been used for millennia for its many virtues. The Prophet Muhammad (PSL) even said of her that she was the "cure for everything but death"!

Nigella, or black cumin, is a herbaceous plant native to North Africa. Its cultivation and use dates back to antiquity and black cumin oil was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, earning it the nickname of pharaoh oil. It would also be the secret to Nerfertiti's perfect complexion.

Known as Habbatul baraka, known as Habbatul baraka, which means "seed of blessing," nigella is particularly widely used and prized in the Middle East.

Nigella oil is extracted from black cumin seeds by cold pressure. These seeds, which strongly resemble those of poppies, are located in the fruit capsules of the plant and are extremely rich in vitamins, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and essential oils.

Nigella oil is rich in vitamins A (in the form of carotene) and E.
Finally, it contains many active ingredients: thymoquinone and para-cymene (immunostimulant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory), nigelline (stimulates the digestive system), and nigellone (antiallergic, antihistamine).

Nigella oil and hair

Nigella oil works effectively:

  • against hair loss
  • on hair regrowth
  • as a strengthening hair care
  • as relaxing
  • against hair too greasy
  • against dandruff
  • against white hair
  • on hair and scalp health in general

Its cosmetic action is explained by its exceptional composition. It is rich in Omega-3 or Omega-6, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, natural essential oils, mineral salts and vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B8), giving it regenerating, purifying, anti-inflammatory, healing, nourishing and stimulating properties.

By nourishing the hair and scalp, nigella oil will fight baldness, stimulate hair growth while making the hair more beautiful, shiny, silky and radiant.

Nigella oil is also known to fight grey or white hair by slowing down the process of grey hair.

Even if anyone can use it, it is clear that black cumin in care will be more suitable for damaged, dull, dry and brittle hair.

The complete guide to the nigella is this way

I recently discovered The Blog of Hafsa, she also has a site where she markets oil and nigella seed.

Nigella oil is extracted from black cumin seeds by cold pressure, 100% pure and natural, unfiltered and of rare quality and is made in Ethiopia :) I invite you to take a tour ;)

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    • Les Artisans D'Orient
    • 2020-07-12 17:30:42
    Très bon blog , merci pour vos articles.Ma femme commande souvent chez vous. Je tiens aussi à ajouter que Huile de Nigelle a aussi énormément de vertus pure, Elle est particulièrement recommandée contre l’acné par exemple. Grâce à son activité, cicatrisante, purifiante , anti-septique, anti-inflammatoire. extraite à froid et non filtrée. Nous pressons les graines de nigelle nous même et récoltons l’huile que nous conditionnons ensuite en bouteille. Ainsi, nous vous garantissons une huile de qualité supérieure. L’extraction à froid permet à l’huile de Nigelle de conserver toutes ses propriétés ,ce qui lui donne cette couleur noire, très facilement reconnaissable.

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