The environment in which we live, the atmosphere, and the harmony that reign there, are very decisive in our well-being. If you live in an environment that is not viable at all, and with a bad atmosphere, you will feel the negative consequences. Senegalese women have understood this well, and are equipping themselves with tools to make their habitat pleasant to live in. Among these tools, we have the highly prized thiouraye incense, which occupies a large place in Senegalese society.

Very common in Senegal, thiouraye is an incense with a slightly spicy and peppery scent.

Present for many occasions, it is mainly used in the daily life of Senegalese, to create an atmosphere of good scents. Thiouraye is formed from the resins of a variety of trees, but especially one tree in particular, called Boswellia sacra, and only the males of this species can produce said resins.

It is also made up of aromatic plants, seeds, as well as fragrant roots.

It is a traditional quality perfume, deeply rooted in Senegalese culture. It is used in homes as a purifying agent, it wards off negative vibes and establishes harmony.

Thiouraye incense is also used as a formidable seductive perfume. The thiouraye incense recipes differ according to the families.

That is to say that each family has its recipe and its secret ingredients that it passes down from generation to generation, and especially from mother to daughter, because it is above all the women who take care of this aspect of the culture.

A perfume of seduction

In addition to being an essential element in the Senegalese way of life, thiouraye is also a wonderful seductive perfume. Indeed, thiouraye is widely used by Senegalese women in their beauty routine. When they set out to seduce a man, the thiouraye is one of their most formidable weapons. A tenacious, delicious and captivating fragrance that men find difficult to resist.

In addition, thiouraye, thanks to its bewitching scents, has some aphrodisiac qualities. Used properly in intimate moments, it would offer unique experiences, while providing pure moments of pleasure.

A perfumer

According to Senegalese tradition, the first function of thiouraye is to perfume the house and clothes. It is a key element of Senegalese cultural heritage.

It is a scent of exoticism, which perfumes Senegalese homes, and establishes a climate of good understanding and harmony.

Thiouraye incense is often used in the morning, so that its smell lasts all day. It represents the trademark of Senegalese scents.

During receptions, or ceremonies, it is very often used to create a relaxed atmosphere and for the smooth running of events.

How to use thiouraye?

Thiouraye incense can be burned in electric censers, or with charcoal, embers or "self-igniting" tablets (like those used in kachimbas), but to fully enjoy its fragrance, it is best to burn it in the anndethiouraye, the typical Senegalese terracotta or ceramic censer, as follows:

- Light an ember or charcoal

- Create a layer of ashes of about 1 cm and bury the embers in the ashes

- Place one or two small balls of thiouraye on the ashes (you can use more or less incense depending on the intensity of the scent desired).

In short, thiouraye incense is a true representative element of Senegalese culture.

Useful in several areas of this culture, it proves to be an essential tool of Senegalese manners.

It is a fatal weapon of seduction, and it is very useful to promote relaxation and also to create a warm atmosphere.

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