The waist chain

When it comes to seduction, women put all the means at their disposal to achieve their goals. Women like to feel sexy, and wanted. And for that, they use all the necessary tools. And among these tools, there is a rather special object, used for a very long time by women, and in particular by African women, to seduce their men. This is the waist chain, also called bine bine or baya.

The original waist chain

baya.jpgAlso called baya in some African countries, the waist chain was worn by African women for the healing and protective powers attributed to it. It consisted of small balls containing medicine that were woven on a thread. The whole gave a kind of necklace that the woman could put on around her waist.

Thus, she was protected against diseases, and evil spirits. The waist chain was not only used to protect the woman. It also served as a perfume. A real weapon of seduction. In addition, some waist chains were made especially for women who wanted to enter the home. Therefore, the waist chain would bring them good luck, bringing them fertility and blessing in their household.

The waist chain, a subtle weighs no one

You can stop stepping on your bathroom scale every morning you wake up. With your waist chain, you can control your line. When it starts to tighten around your waist, that's a sign that you're starting to gain a little. That way, you know you need to stop going to fast food every day, or having dessert with every meal. But when the waist chain loosens, you know you can afford some deviation. Practical isn't it?

The waist chain is completely handmade

To date, no machine would be able to carry out this work, it is so meticulous. The waist chains are completely handmade. And more often than not, this work is done by women. Thousands of women who work with their skilled hands, making these magnificent chains. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

The waist chain is sacred

The waist chain has a great value in African culture. In addition to being undoubtedly a real object of seduction, it is also a source of protection. It is recommended for pregnant women, because it would protect the mother and her baby from evil forces. In addition, it is a representative element of femininity, maturity, and growth of a woman.

The waist chain is very strong

The vigor and strength of African women is well established. And it's with those hip-waist chains that they do all their jobs, tough as they are. The waist chain made to resist any physical stress, accompanies them and gives them the necessary energy. A waist chain can last more than a year, you just have to change the colors according to your desires.

Given its African origins, the waist chain is truly representative for African women. Especially for African women living abroad, it allows them to have a connection with their ancestors, and thus to keep a link with their native land. Since African traditions and practices are gradually being lost, it is also an excellent way to celebrate African heritage and promote cultural practices.

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