Nep nep powder

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Acacia nilotica or nep-nep is found mainly in West Africa, especially in Senegal. This fruit is a miraculous remedy known for its very effective medicinal properties. He heals and heals.

Its seeds are very effective in fighting:

  • vaginal itching,
  • white losses,
  • bad smells


How do I use Nep Nep powder?

  1. Take one to 2 tablespoons of this powder that you put in 01 and a half liters of lukewarm water and you make the intimate toilet.
  2. Also make eggs by mixing the powder in a little shea butter and put it all in a film paper that you keep in the freezer.

As soon as the eggs are ready, insert into the vagina for 03 successive days in the evening at bedtime.

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