Ambunu powder
Ambunu powder
Ambunu powder
Ambunu powder

Ambunu powder

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Ambunu, the natural detangling herb

Another discovery of the African pharmacopoeia, Fashionista Paris makes you discover the ancestral virtues of ambunu.

Itchy scalp? A cure for alopecia? ey especially the easy detangling of your hair? This plant contains saponin which gives it its cleansing power, in addition to being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and an effective emollient.



How to use ambunu leaves?

Simply :

Mix two to three teaspoons of leaves in hot water

Leave to stand for ten minutes to 15 minutes until the mixture becomes viscous

Apply to your hair by massaging your scalp (to be used in addition to your usual shampoo)

Strain the mixture with a pantyhose or small strainer to remove the leaves.

With your fingers or wide-toothed comb, untangle to distribute everywhere, leave on for about 30 minutes

Rinse thoroughly with clean water

Your hair will be softer, which will facilitate detangling, and this will stimulate growth. Your hair will thank you :)

You can repeat the operation twice a month

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