Lakota barks
Lakota barks
Lakota barks
Lakota barks
Lakota barks
Lakota barks

Lakota barks 50g

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Lakota barks



Lakota bark is rich in phytochemicals that can support female hormonal balance. 

Studies suggest that its properties can help regulate the menstrual cycle and promote ovulation, thus increasing the chances of conception.

Lakota's benefits are not limited to women. 

Recent research indicates that Lakota bark extracts may also help improve male sperm quality by increasing sperm motility and morphology.

How to use Lakota bark?

Crush the bark and place in a bottle of water, leave for two hours, then drink.

Lakota bark can be used in conjunction with 4-sided fruit, guinea pepper or bissap leaves, particularly for menstrual problems.

Tips for menstruation :

  • Bissap leaves
  • Guinea pepper
  • Lakota bark

Boil all 3 and drink three times a day

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