Noor Oud Incense - Rubis

Noor Oud Incense - Rubis

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Noor Oud Incense - Rubis

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The fabulously exotic fragrance Oud Rubis has been prized in the Middle East for centuries. Often described as "liquid gold", this fragrance has definitely conquered the world of perfumery. Incense Premium Noor Oud - Rubis is an invitation to discover the bewitching charm of the Orient. 

It's a dramatic, sensual and velvety fragrance. Oud (Arabic 'oudh') is an extremely rare and precious oil found in agarwood, the resinous heartwood of Southeast Asian aquilaria. 

Notes : Oud, Rose absolute, Geranium, Iris, Berries Approx. 15 g 

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