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Rosemary is an aromatic plant with multiple virtues. Used for its medicinal benefits, rosemary is also used to flavor certain dishes.

Rosemary helps to relieve digestive problems, kidney stones or fight against insomnia.

It is a very effective natural stimulant. Indeed, it detoxifies the body, tones the liver, reduces stress, calms rheumatic disorders, bloating, stomach cramps, relieves mouth ulcers ... Thus, it can be used for many reasons. To consume rosemary, you can brew it.

How to make a rosemary tea?

In a cup of boiling water, add a few rosemary leaves and let it steep for 10 minutes. You can drink one to three cups of this mixture per day. 

Not recommended if you have high blood pressure

With its stimulating and purifying effects, rosemary cleanses your scalp, reduces the appearance of dandruff, limits hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It is therefore the ideal plant for the good health of your hair and especially afros!

Rosemary has many properties that promote hair growth! 

How to incorporate rosemary into your hair routine?

In a saucepan:

  • Add a tablespoon of rosemary
  • Add a tablespoon of cloves (available in the store)
  • Also add 4 bay leaves (also available in the store) and add a glass of water
  • Boil the contents for about 5 minutes
  • Let it cool down
  • Filter the mixture with a strainer
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray on your scalp, then from the roots to the tips and massage your scalp
  • Use this mixture every day for 7 days, it will cleanse your scalp, reduce any dandruff you may have and stimulate hair growth

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