Aloe vera powder
Aloe vera powder
Aloe vera powder
Aloe vera powder

Aloe vera powder

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In the cosmetics sector, Aloe Vera powder has many virtues. It is ideal as a raw material for your homemade cosmetics. The powder has soothing and nourishing properties.

Aloe Vera powder is a succulent plant of the liliaceae family with pungent leaves, in its leaves is a transparent and gelatinous pulp, it is the treatment of the latter that will make it possible to obtain the organic Aloe Vera powder.

It is ideal for relieving dry skin or fighting skin aging.

Origin: India

Part used: Juice fillet

Method of production: sun drying and spraying

100% pure natural and certified organic powder, without support or additives. Cosmetic and food quality.

Available in 30g, 60g or 100g


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How to use Aloe Vera powder?

You can incorporate it into your skin care, shampoo or hair care.

Then you just have to dilute the powder in water 

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