Gowé Powder

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Its botanical name is Cyperus rotondus, a herbaceous of the papyrus family. It is a plant similar to Souchet (Cyperus esculentus), they have the same root, one comes from West Africa (Mali, Senegal...) and the other from East Africa

Cyperus rotundus contains essential oils with medicinal properties such as fever reduction, inflammation and pain.

Tuber extracts can reduce nausea and act as a muscle relaxant.

Available in 30g or 100g bags to choose from the drop-down menu


How do I use gowé powder?

In Africa women use it as incense, alone (especially in winter) or enriched with oils and perfume waters. They also consider the smoke it emits to be an effective mosquito repellent.

We put a small handful of powder on a piece of coal, it flushes out bad smells

In Senegal, fumigation provides an aphrodisiac effect as well as memory enhancement. This root has above all a relaxing and tranquilizing effect on the nerves and stimulating of the mind.

Its fragrance has a warm and dark oriental note; it lies between agar wood, vetiver root, and Indian nard.

In Infusion:

Gowé improves oral hygiene, cleanses the belly and in addition to purifying property, prevents colon cancer and diseases of the digestive system

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