Senna leaves
Senna leaves
Senna leaves
Senna leaves

Senna leaves

Epinay sur Seine
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The sana makki leaves are native to a tree of the Cesalpine family that grows in Yemen. It then spread to the Arabian Peninsula and India, where its cultivation is abundant.

An effective treatment to fight constipation

The leaves of Sene are washed and then used as a decoction. Their laxative effects help to release the intestines and facilitate transit.

Thanks to its active ingredients (natural derivatives of anthraquinone), the leaves will act by softening the stool by inhibiting the water of the food consumed.

Then, the laxative effect will be accelerated by the contraction of the intestines which eventually facilitate the expulsion of feces.

Time-limited consumption

This beneficial natural remedy sana makki and casual is convenient in a closet corner. However, it should be used no more than a week in a row.

In case of severe constipation or hemorrhoidal attack, senna leaves in slimming herbal tea are an immediate solution.

For oral consumption, the purgative effects of the leaves usually work about ten hours after ingestion.

The beneficial effects of sana makki leaves for liver in Ayurvedic medicine

In India, Sene leaves are used to sanitize the liver. They help to fight against the problems of anemia and digestion. Local people use it as herbal tea for its detoxifying properties.

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How do I use the senna leaves?

The recommended dose for decoctions should not exceed 2 grams.

To prepare your beverage, simply boil water. Add the Sene leaves and filter the beverage before drinking.

Please do not exceed the recommended doses and the duration of prescription.

Abuse can cause dehydration problems or mineral deficiencies for the body.

Mixed with water, the leaves would provide vitality and shine to the scalp. They would also make it easier to remove the film.

The sana makki in Islam

Sana makki is used in medicine derived from the Muslim tradition (Sunna) to purge itself, but also in the context of Roqya, which could be translated as exorcism, even if the Roqya would be more a cure of the ailments of the body and soul.

It is common to recite verses from the Koran on the infusion of sana, it is said that one "coranizes" the preparation, surahs and meritorious verses: fatiha, ayat el kursy, Sura al Ikhlas, Sura al Falaq, Sura an Nas.

This remedy is used in the context of sorcerery (sihr) drunk or swallowed.

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