Bissap leaves
Bissap leaves
Bissap leaves
Bissap leaves

Bissap leaves

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Traditionally called Bissap, this drink is made from dried hibiscus flowers

Ingredients: Red or white hibiscus flowers

Origin: Senegal

What are the health benefits of hibiscus?

This flower has many health benefits.

Bissap juice obtained after infusion of hibiscus flowers has a high content of calcium, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin and iron.

Bissap also has diuretic, feverurifying and, it is excellent to help fight hypertension.

It thins the blood and reduces the effects of alcohol on the system.

It is a drink rich in ascorbic acids and is lent diuretic, sedative and hypotensive, even laxative virtues.


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How to use hibiscus leaves (bissap)?

Simply infuse about 5 tablespoons of dried flowers for 1 litre of water and filter and sweeten to taste.

The infusion of purple and very tangy color can be drunk hot or cold.

To give it a little more flavour, you can add fresh mint or a little mint syrup or grenadine

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