Selim pepper / Guinea pepper
Selim pepper / Guinea pepper
Selim pepper / Guinea pepper
Selim pepper / Guinea pepper

Selim pepper / Guinea pepper

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What is Selim pepper?

Selim pepper, also known as guinea pepper, comes from a huge tree of the annuan family that grows in tropical Africa, along streams in the savannah, and can measure up to 20 meters.

Selim pepper is made up of both seed contained in a long, thin blackish bean dented 3 to 5 cm long that resembles a bean. Seeds and pods are inseparable

In some cultures of black Africa, they are burned like incense to purify or disenchacate houses and holy places.

In West Africa, young mothers and their babies consume pepper infusions to give strength and good health to the baby and its mother.

Selim pepper combined with Akpi seeds and 4-sided fruit are used to boost ovulation in women. Mixing her three spices into a drink helps women who have difficulty conceiving, increasing their chances of having a child.

Available in 30g and 60g



Beyond its taste properties, Selim pepper is especially appreciated for its health benefits. It is known to be beneficial for eye health, especially against attacks by microbes.

Thanks to its antiseptic, expectorant and cough suppressant properties, it is effective in colds, bronchitis, flu, dysentery or asthma.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a relief for rheumatism, stomach aches and mild pain. Long pepper relieves liver disease and helps prevent toothache.

How to use Selim pepper?

The preparation of an infusion of Selim pepper, allows you to enjoy all these virtues.

Infuse 7 Selim pepper seeds in 5 minutes in a litre of water.

Tisane For Women's Fertility

Selim pepper mixed with other spices can trigger ovulation in women.


  • 30g AKPI
  • A few pieces of 4 sides (flesh)
  • 7 long African peppers

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Crush everything dry and add to 1 litre of lukewarm water. Allow to cool completely and filter.


Tied at the time of purge

1 pear each day (from the 4th day of the cycle to the day of ovulation)

You can keep your drink in a cool bottle and cool every time you want to use it and drink it.

Here are two other recipes for triggering ovulation:

Recipe 1:Purge

-Take 6 akpi seeds and 4 African peppers
-Crush them on a clean grindstone
-add heated flat water to dilute the dough
-Then refuel the purge

It will not only promote ovulation, but will also stabilize your cycle and make ovulation robust and strong. It is therefore advisable to purge yourself every night for better ovulation.

This recipe is to be made every night.

Recipe 2:Drinkable Solution

-Crush akpi and African pepper on a clean grindstone
-Use plain water to dilute the dough
-Filter and drink on an emptying
To be done continuously, until the desired result is achieved

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