Fenugrec Oil
Fenugrec Oil
Fenugrec Oil
Fenugrec Oil
Fenugrec Oil
Fenugrec Oil

Fenugrec Oil

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What are the virtues of fenugreek oil?

Fenugreek oil, like seeds, has enormous healing properties.

  1. Antioxidant - It prevents cells from damaging free radicals.
  2. Circulating - It stimulates blood circulation.
  3. Galactagogue - It promotes lactation.

Fenugreek is a legume plant whose seeds are eaten as a spice and to treat, for example, fenugreek for diabetes in Ayurvedic medicine has been used since the dawn of time.

If fenugreek helps to increase the size of breasts naturally and healthily, as well as to make them firmer, it is because it is a seed enriched with phytoestrogen (a plant hormone) and nutrients.

Phytoestrogens stimulate the synthesis of women's sex hormones: estrogens (estradiol, estrone and estriol) and progesterone. By stimulating these sex hormones, it makes the breast grow, and incidentally, fenugreek stimulates female libido.


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How to use Fenugrec oil?

Massage the breasts with oil just before sleeping, to better stimulate blood in the breasts. Massage until the oil is fully penetrated.

The minimum is one massage per day, but it will be more effective to perform 2 or 3 massages. Repeat for at least 1 month, up to 3 months. This oil can also be used to treat skin problems such as eczema or acne.

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