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Sweet tooth cure
Sweet tooth cure
Sweet tooth cure
Sweet tooth cure

Sweet tooth cure

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The sweet toothpick comes from a fruit tree in Africa. It promotes the narrowing of the vagina.

With the tooth cure enjoy the pleasure of being a young woman again

The toothpick makes you more erotic and sensual forcing your partner to no longer be able to do without you.

To captivate your partner in bed, use the toothpick frequently


The method of use is very simple.

For a hot and torrid night, wait until dusk to start curing your teeth, swallowing the juice, and in the evening, your man will be crazy about you.

Rinse toothpick before use

The sugar toothpick is:

A sensual amplifier,

A natural product

Treats the sores

Prevents and treats stomach ulcers

Lubricates and tightens the muscles of the vagina

Treat your frigidity

Let yourself be tempted and use the toothpick again no man will be able to resist you.

For all those who are looking for eroticism, exoticism and strong feeling, we advise you to use the toothpick

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