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€5.00 €4.25

Wedding Flowers Protective Mask

It is important to remember that masks do not guarantee 100% the non-transmission of a virus.

They are however effective in limiting the spread of the virus and can be used later as an anti-pollution mask in major cities.

They prevent the projection of droplets and should therefore be reserved for non-sanitary use.

An opening is planned to integrate a filter

Price per unit 5 euros

2 masks - 8 euros

3 masks 10.50 euros

Model to choose from drop-down menu (adult or child size)

The colour of the elastics may be black or white (non-contract photo)

Recall of barrier gestures to protect against COVID 19

Gestes barrières COVID 19

€21.90 €18.62

Fashionista Paris invites you to discover the melhfa / dampé:

The melhfa offered on the site have been renamed by the different regions of Senegal

I let you discover the 7 different melhfa:

  • La melhfa Saint Louis
  • The Dakar melhfa
  • The melhfa Tambacounda
  • The melhfa Thiès
  • The melhfa Fatick
  • The Melhfa Matam
  • The Melhfa Ziguinchor


What is palm pollen?

It is a traditional remedy in Arab countries, date palm pollen has been used for centuries to strengthen the immune system and increase libido. We offer you to tell you more about this exceptional natural product whose effects are noticeable on many individuals.

Pollen from date palm trees: a bulwark against infertility

While pollen from this iconic Iraqi tree can multiply palm groves and combat the advance of the desert, it plays a leading role in boosting couples' fertility. Of course, getting pregnant depends on many factors. However, this fertile pollen is a cause for ovulation. For humans, it helps to improve sperm performance by increasing their viability and mobility. This condition helps to speed up the fertilization work by facilitating the encounter with the egg.

An opportunity to regulate the female menstrual cycle

In women, menstrual periods may be prone to mood change or cause severe pain. Date palm pollen is known to mitigate these sudden changes. In addition, its consumption facilitates, at the end of this period, the cleaning of the uterus. It allows a rapid and complete flow of vaginal blood.