List of products by brand Labophytho


TopDesire Gel (60ml)

For whom?

Women who wish to stimulate their desire.
Women who want more powerful orgasms.

Focus on TopDesire Gel:

Arnica Montana acts on the bloodstream under the skin and thus increases sensitivity on the clitoral area
Mint causes a slight tingling sensation that will excite the erogenous area of the clitoris

Compatible with condoms


Maca Extra Forte (60 capsules)

Aphrodisiac for men and women
60 capsules

For whom?

Men and women who want to boost their sexual desire
Men and women who wish to conceive a child

Focus on the Maca

This ancestral plant helps to increase sexual desire.
In humans, it also improves sperm production
In women, it promotes hormonal balance and thus promotes fertility


TopBust Fast Effect Gel (60ml)

TOPBUST Gel-Breast Gel to firm the chest

60 ml bottle

For whom

  • Women who want to embellish their cleavage Women who want to improve the posture of their breasts

Focus on TopBust

  • Castor oil has a nourishing and moisturizing effect
  • Fucus helps tone breast tissue for a firmer look


Whiplash and energy

Iguana Shot boosts energy and fights fatigue day and night!

It is ideal in case of:

  • Diet drop at work
  • Exam period
  • Festive evenings
  • Sport and intense activities

Focus on the main components of Iguana Shot:

  • Ginseng helps vitality
  • Guarana, titled in caffeine, helps you feel more energetic and reduce mental fatigue
  • Taurine prolongs the effect of caffeine
  • Acerela, titled in Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue