Using black soap: how and what benefits for your skin?

Black soap... just out of pure curiosity, one wonders if this soap is still black in color or if it is just a name.

Well yes, it's still black, even if this black can take different forms: black green or black brown depending on the manufacturing process.

Anyway, black soap does not date from today.

Many know its use as a household cleanser but did you know that soap can also be used for skin care?

Yes, black soap is a real cosmetic product.

Women in Morocco have been using it for centuries for the toilet of the face and body.

Do you want to know the benefits of black soap for the skin, how to use it and where to get it? You've come to the right place.

At the end of reading this article, black soap will no longer have any secrets for you. Are you ready? Here we go!

The benefits of black soap for your skin

We know you can't wait to know the benefits of black soap for your skin. That's why we'll start there! Why use black soap?n This is the question that many are asking. And once you know all the benefits of black soap for your skin, you couldn't do without it :)

• Cosmetic black soap is a 100% natural product that deeply cleanses and purifies the skin.

• Cosmetic black soap is extremely rich in vitamin E. It therefore makes the skin softer.

In addition, its pH respects that of the body (5 generally), unlike traditional soaps that have too high a pH. Which adapts it to all kinds of skin: dry; fat, normal...

• Cosmetic black soap is particularly appreciated for its exfoliating and moisturizing qualities.

It removes all dirt and toxins (sweat, sebum), and removes dead skin. That is why it is suitable for skin and facial scrub.

• Cosmetic black soap is therefore an excellent skin purifier.

It removes all impurities and makes the skin more satin and radiant. And guess what? Black body soap is also an excellent anti-wrinkle.

Thanks to its hydrolipidic filter, it deeply moisturizes the skin and preserves its good health. Isn't that good news?

And above all, black soap is natural, ecological and above all ecological! Might as well adopt it, right?

How is black soap made?

We see you coming. Now that you've figured out that black soap can work wonders for your skin, you want to know how to make it. And that too, we will tell you:)

But first, remember. Why is black soap so special? Yes, it has already been said.

It is made in a totally natural way.

Even though there are different kinds, the basic process of making black soap comes from Morocco.

This is olive oil mixed with black olives crushed and macerated in salt and potash.

But you know the best one?

Today, black soap can be made with other essential oils.

But it keeps all its beneficial properties for the skin! Great, isn't it?

The different types of black soap

Many wonder which black soap to buy. It is true that there are different types, depending on the origin and the manufacturing ingredients. It is therefore appropriate to know which black soap to choose.

But beware! Never confuse black body and face soap, also known as cosmetic black soap, with household black soap.

The latter is usually in liquid or pasty form and allows to clean the floor and any other surface.

Now, here are the different cosmetic black soaps that exist.

Thus, you could easily make your choice!

• The black soap of Morocco: it is the cosmetic black soap originating in Morocco.

It is used in middle eastern countries, Tunisia and all other Maghreb countries.

It respects the manufacturing process described in the previous point.

• The black soap of West Africa meanwhile, is a little different.

Coming mainly from Ghana, hence its name, black soap from Ghana, and even if made from natural ingredients, this black soap contains shea extracts, cocoa, banana leaf peels, or even vegetable ash.

However, African black soap from Ghana also has as many benefits for the skin as Moroccan black soap.

How to use black soap for healthy and glowing skin?

Cosmetic black soap can be used for the face (taking care to avoid the periphery of the eyes) and the whole body.

Thanks to its moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and nourishing functions, black soap is an excellent shower gel.

Usually in pasty form, black soap is also an extraordinary exfoliant.

Even though it does not contain grains, it is used in the form of a scrub to rid the skin of toxins and dead skin.

And to accentuate the exfoliating action, Moroccan women use a kessa glove or an African bath net of vegetable origin.

Which we also recommend by the way. There is no better way to make your skin beautiful, soft and glowing! Pure pleasure.

Where can I find black soap?

 Yes, it is not given to everyone to make their own black soap. Even if now we know the process, we prefer to buy it very quickly.

Well, you're in luck!  On our online store we offer you different kinds of black soaps. According to your desires and needs, you just have to make your choice.

And if you have any questions, go to the comments!

We will be happy to provide you with more clarification on the matter.

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