The cola nut, found in large quantities in Africa and used in almost all countries, is quite beneficial for humans. Here are his actions.

The cola nut and its benefits for humans

The cola nut is produced by a tree called the cola tree and quite famous in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also sold in the West for the production of drinks such as Coca-Cola. This thanks to its very varied composition of nutrients (caffeine, kolatin, theobromine…). Most often, it is of very considerable health and economic interest. Let's see its different benefits below.

Cola nut is a stimulant


Thanks to its high level of caffeine, cola nut is a stimulant that keeps you in shape all day long. In some African countries such as Cameroon, it is consumed in the morning by workers for more energy. For comparison, eating a cola is equivalent to drinking two cups of coffee in the morning.

It is an antimicrobial agent

Although this property does not have strong enough scientific evidence, kola nut has already been shown to be effective against germs in many cases. It is given the merit of being able to fight effectively against many pathologies resistant to antibiotics.

Cola nut is a bronchodilator

A bronchodilator is by definition a compound capable of relaxing smooth muscles in the throat. The cola nut thanks to the theophylline it contains, helps in this direction. Most often, it is found to be a good calming agent for illnesses such as bronchitis or asthma. Likewise, this same substance also relaxes the airways and blood vessels.

It has a diuretic effect

According to extensive research, cola seeds help remove excess water and non-essential nutrients from the body, this aids in weight loss without harming the kidneys.

Kola nuts aid digestion

If you are having trouble with your digestion, kola nut powder can help with the problem. For this, it acts as a stimulant in the production of stomach acid which increases the efficiency of digestive enzymes and, in turn, digestion.

It is an anti-inflammatory

According to some scientific studies, cola nut extracts increase the length of cell life. This, while playing an anti-inflammatory role. However, they must be decaffeinated at the base.

Kola nut is a pain reliever in case of migraine

As we said above, the kola nut is, thanks to the caffeine and the theobromine it contains, a dilator of the blood vessels. This activity is also valid for the vessels of the brain, hence the reduction of pain in case of migraine.

It is a fairly effective aphrodisiac

Finally, the cola nut is a nervous exciter which acts positively on the male and female reproductive organs! Its consumption can be recommended in case of dysfunction of these. It also boosts the libido of bad sex and promotes sexual urge, hence its name an aphrodisiac element.

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Fruit of the kolatier or Colatier (cola nitida), native to West Africa, it is now grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Brazil, but with sometimes very different riches (this one comes from Côte d'Ivoire).

Reduced to powder after drying, its use is facilitated. It is a product that greatly increases endurance while reducing the feeling of hunger. It facilitates digestion and is often used for its antidepressant properties and its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

These effects are similar to those of guarana, but it is strongly recommended not to use both products simultaneously to avoid an overdose that could cause migraines, even nausea and which would guarantee above all acute insomnia.

It helps to combat both physical and intellectual fatigue and to cope with sustained efforts.

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