The jongué man

When the "Djongué" combines with the masculine, the woman loses control of her emotions.

Praised for their tricks and other women's secrets,senegalese women have finished to rise to the top of the list of model wives in Africa. Is it not common to hear the men of Senegal's neighbouring countries take the Senegalese of the vintage as the ideal wife?

In other words, rightly or wrongly, their mastery of the intimate sphere in the marital context remains a secret of politeness.

Nevertheless, this total deference to the spouse is wrongly confined to the term "Djongué". Indeed, the true Senegalese will correct by saying this:

For women, it is said 'Mook Podj' because 'Djongué' combines with the masculine. A clever way to say that the seasoning of the marital sphere is no longer the preserve of women alone.

This embellishment of the conjugal cocoon requires a subtle marriage of tricks and techniques cultivated on both sides.

If the older generations of women did everything from A to Z, one way, for the development of men, young women are now demanding a return on investment.


Moreover, as devoted as she is to spice up her couple, the woman naturally tires when the man does not sprinkle a sweet scent of "Djongué".

Proof that the secret of a successful marriage is tied to a symbiosis of hearts and bodies.

Unfortunately, few men are trained in this field. Perhaps they even refuse this task long reserved for women.

If women are coached, according to their culture, by their aunts, great cousins and girlfriends, men are theirs in the arena of intimacy.

As a result, few men know women's expectations to anticipate their desires. However, they must not reduce it to a simple mortar whose only use is to receive a pestle.


A huge lag that, without further remediation, makes the couple's life bland without pun.

A man who is only interested in his wife when the lights go out exposes himself to his wrath sooner or later.

Irritated and tired of being mistaken for a "drainer", it will turn into an oyster.

We then inexorably move towards marital rape unless she strives to play her marital role from time to time. So a woman, whatever her plastic, her coquettishness and her physical attire, needs a swarm of attentions to flaunt her unsuspected talents in the intimacy of the couple.


Nowadays, every man must have countless tricks to make his marital sphere a spicy and spicy nest. A "Djungué" man is above all an open-minded person.

He must not confine himself to a role within the couple. It must be flexible, available and thoughtful.

He has to get his hands dirty and unload his wife from time to time so that she can take care of her femininity.

If offering a flower is the opposite of our original cultures, giving a gift to your wife has always been a rule among our African families.

Our elders were distinguished by their ability to satisfy the woman's desires through fabrics, adornments... So to give a gift to a woman is to mark a blow not to say the spirit. It invigorates his love.

However, this gift should not support a conflict or infidelity setting. What melts women's hearts is the man's appetite for surprises.

A dish prepared with joy and good humor without her knowledge, a female paraphernalia or a jewel delicately hidden on a bed filled with rose petals, a travel ticket are all things that can soften a woman to the point of losing control of her emotions.

The man must also have a soft and naughty language to vibrate the fibers of the woman's heart at will. A funny man but not ridiculous pleases any woman. His absence must be noticed at home because he is a vending machine of joys.

In the secrecy of the marital room, frustration must be the exception and fulfillment the rule.

A frustrated woman is a ticking time bomb.

When it explodes, splashes can cause irreversible sores. Collateral damage is often enormous. A man cheats to satisfy his lower belly while the woman cheats to heal the wounds of his heart.

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