Akpi and its benefits in cosmetics

Present in Cameroon under the name of djansan and in many other countries, akpi is a seed of golden color and round shape which is used as an ingredient in cooking. Generally, it is a seed that is ground and crushed before adding it to a preparation. Its very pronounced smell is a flavor enhancer and helps thicken preparations such as soups, meat or fish broths in African cuisine.

Akpi comes from the fruit of a tropical forest oil tree called Ricinodendron heudelotii. Very popular with the forest peoples of Africa, particularly Cameroon and the Ivory Coast, akpi is also used in the field of cosmetics where its benefits are recognized and highly appreciated. Let’s discover below the benefits of akpi in the field of cosmetics.

The benefits of akpi for the chest and buttocks

In women mainly, akpi is used on parts such as the breasts and buttocks in order to firm and develop them. Most often, the expected result is a much more voluptuous and rounded chest and posterior. The principle is as follows: we take a few akpi seeds that we crush properly to obtain a paste. (You can also use the akpi powder also sold on the Fashionista Paris website) Then, add a small amount of water to have a fairly homogeneous paste.

You can also add a little shea butter and fenugreek powder or oil to this preparation. Then we mix everything well and incorporate it into a container and keep everything cool. Subsequently, this paste is used in small quantities to apply it to the chest and or the buttocks. The application is done by gently massaging the breasts and or buttocks, with circular movements from bottom to top.

The other technique is to always crush the akpi seeds, add water and mix the paste with an egg white and pure honey. Then apply the mixture to the breasts or buttocks, in the form of a mask and leave for an hour. Finally, rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizing oil to the affected parts and you're done. It should be noted that this cosmetic method to obtain a more voluptuous chest and buttocks is done gradually and requires a lot of patience.

The benefits of akpi for skin and hair

Akpi is a seed that has a high oil content. This oil is extracted in factories to make soap, ointments, butters, varnish and others. Indeed, products made from akpi oil are intended for the skin. These then allow to have a smooth, soft and satiny skin. The raw oil from the akpi seed is also applied to the hair.

It softens the hair, giving it a certain beauty and shine. In addition, it eliminates dandruff and itching of the scalp and promotes better hair growth. Apart from its benefits in the field of cosmetics, akpi also has medical properties. It is also used to fight gastric problems and infertility in women.

Akpi and its benefits in cosmetics: what to remember

The benefits of this seed for humans do not stop at those we have mentioned above. Indeed, it extends its benefits to other parts of the body! Although the effect is not always great, it is a plant with multiple virtues.

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