Online shopping: what's the point of having a reliable Internet connection?

Buying online is an increasingly privileged practice because of its many advantages such as low prices, the ability to buy from anywhere and at any time. But buying online can't be done without a reliable connection.

Before explaining why, we invite you to discover the options you have to have a quality Internet connection if you are in France. Here we go!

Why opt for a reliable Internet connection?

Having an Internet connection tailored to your needs therefore requires three main steps:

Eligibility tests;
Analysis of offers;
The flow tests.

By following these steps, you will then be able to make online purchases with a reliable and secure connection. It is precisely this security aspect that is the main advantage that is deed.

Indeed, shopping online is enjoyable and convenient. But if you're not connected to a secure and reliable network, there are risks, especially in terms of protecting your data and information (especially banking) that can fall into the hands of any hacker. Also, read this article to find out how to check the reliability of the sites you use for your purchases.

Not eligible for fibre optics? Compare rates

To get the Internet connection at home, you need to subscribe to an Internet service provider. There are several in France that have offers as diverse as varied, depending on your geographical location, your needs, etc.

Although ADSL rates are generally more affordable, fibre optics are still the best technology to access a broadband connection at home. Unfortunately, not all areas are yet eligible for this technology.

For those who are in this case, the ADSL connection is still a solution to have quite interesting speeds. That's why all Internet service providers offer this option. Logically, Sosh's ADSL rates are not the same as those of SFR, Orange, Free or Bouygues. The shop-box-internet site advises making comparisons in order to choose the best option.

Test the speed of its fibre connection

The quality of an Internet connection is measured by its speed.

As with fares, Free's Fibre speed is not the same as for SFR, Bouygues or Orange. Better yet, the speed advertised by your Internet service provider is not always that actually found in usage.

This is why it is important to do debit tests to check the quality of the proposed connection.

A flow test can be difficult to understand. Don't hesitate to refer to specialized platforms such as Boutique Box Internet to carry out your free test and consult the proposed guides to better understand the results.

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