Fenugreek is a plant found mainly in North Africa and also in some Asian countries such as India and Pakistan. Most often, it is recognized by its quite distinctive yellow and white flowers.

It has several virtues including its high vitamin and calcium content. For this, it is the subject of multiple use that we will see below, but first let's see its benefits for the body.


Fenugreek contains trigonelline alongside a large amount of protein and fat. It also contains starches and important minerals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium and iron. 

It has a component that influences in building group of steroids that are responsible, in case of deficiency, for all the symptoms that are represented in weight gain and other aspects of increase of various hormones.


It also contains certain organic compounds that play an important role in preventing hardening of the arteries, lowering blood cholesterol, and preventing heart disease.


What are the benefits of fenugreek for the body?


 Fenugreek has multiple properties that make it a fairly beneficial plant for humans. Here are some illustrations: 

  •     It helps to increase the volume of the breasts for those who have a small breast. Indeed, it acts as a stimulus on sex hormones in women and contributes to the development of the breast of this one.

  •     Fenugreek works positively in the treatment of diabetes. Indeed, its consumption helps regulate blood sugar.

  •     It acts positively on the libido. Consumption of this herb increases sexual desire in men and women.

  •     It is a very appetizing and diuretic legume. This means that you can cure your appetite disturbance by consuming fenugreek. Also, it cleans your body by naturally eliminating toxins.

  •     It acts on the skin. When it is in the form of a cream, it is applied to the skin to destroy fine lines, spots and other skin conditions.

  •     For women who are breastfeeding, it helps improve the quality of milk with the production of galactose.

  •     It has a positive effect on the tone of the body.

Note: this list is not exhaustive, because the properties of fenugreek are almost innumerable. Therefore, we recommend its regular use for naturally strong health.


How to use fenugreek?

The consumption of this plant is simple and yet, many people wonder: what do we eat in this legume? Whether it is the seeds, the leaves ... it is better known in its derivative forms: 

  •     Fenugreek powder: it is obtained by crushing either the seeds or the dry leaves. In this case, it is consumed by infusion in cold or hot water.

  •     Fenugreek oil: it is very common in cosmetic stores. Indeed, it is used for the face and hydration of the skin.

  •     Fenugreek butter: often mixed with shea butter, fenugreek butter is for multiple use, especially on the skin or hair ...

  •     Fenugreek cream: Acts directly on the growth of mammary gland cells. It allows you to gain up to a cup size and regain a firm, toned breast and soft, silky skin. It also stimulates cell renewal, nourishes and restores vitality and suppleness to the skin.

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