Eco responsable

In order to cope with global warming and resource depletion, there is a growing need to put in place effective ways to reduce the energy consumption of our homes and become more eco-responsible. This not only preserves the environment, but also saves money on energy bills for rent.

There are a number of ways to adopt a more eco-responsible lifestyle. For example, you can change energy suppliers, start new habits, do work in your home or invest in home automation.

Tips for being eco-responsible on a daily basis

Dressing in an eco-friendly way

In order to live your eco-responsibility to the end of your fingernails, you can decide to dress in an eco-responsible way. To do this, clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics (hemp, linen, 100% organic cotton) should be preferred.

In addition, you can go around the thrift stores to find cheap clothes. Recovery is a good way to reduce the amount of waste and encourage recycling.

Adopt eco-responsible actions

Eco-responsible actions are everyday actions that help to better control the energy consumption of the home. These actions are very simple habits to take and are perfect for introducing younger generations to eco-responsibility.

Among the eco-responsible actions are:

Turn off the light from the empty rooms
Turn off the devices instead of leaving them on standby
Use large appliances during off-peak hours
Repairing water leaks
Adapt the temperature of the heating to the room
Prefer opening windows to air conditioning, etc.

By implementing these and other eco-friendly actions, you will be able to achieve significant energy savings in your home, but also in your workplace. To learn more about eco-responsible gestures, click on this link.

Choosing the right energy contracts

The first step towards a more eco-responsible lifestyle is the choice of its electricity supplier. Since 2007 and the opening of the energy market to competition, EDF, the historic supplier has lost its monopoly and alternative suppliers have multiplied.

Before choosing your future electricity supplier, it's best to compare them carefully. Indeed, not all suppliers offer the same rates since only EDF is affected by the regulated sales tariff. As for alternative suppliers, they offer market offers whose rates are lower than the offers of the historical supplier.

To subscribe to EDF or Engie or Direct Energy, simply contact the supplier of your choice by email or phone and subscribe to one of the offers. You may even decide to subscribe to an offer of green electricity, that is, electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

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