Very often used by men, aphrodisiacs are natural substances, of animal or vegetable origin, whose role is to stimulate sexual appetite and boost libido. There is a very wide variety of aphrodisiacs, whether natural or not. Here we will look at aphrodisiacs in general, as well as traditional aphrodisiacs. So keep reading, you'll soon know a lot more.

Aphrodisiacs in general

As stated earlier, an aphrodisiac is a substance or food that increases sexual desire, arousal, behavior, performance, or pleasure. There are a number of reasons why people may want to take an aphrodisiac to improve their sex life. It could be a lower libido or improved sexual performance, but sometimes people just want to try and enjoy sex more.

Many products exist to allow an increase in appetite, or sexual desire. However, the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs has not yet been firmly established. Some aphrodisiacs are said to cause some undesirable side effects.

Reasons to try

All told, aphrodisiacs will always be used, as a good sex life is often cited as an important part of a healthy and happy relationship. It's no wonder there's such interest in finding products that can make sex more enjoyable. There are a number of different reasons people try aphrodisiacs.

A sexual dysfunction

Aphrodisiacs may be a way to spice up your sex life, but in some cases people may want to use them to solve sexual problems. Very often, it is sexual dysfunction in women, and in men, problems with premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Pleasure and performance

Sexual problems aren't the only reason people may turn to aphrodisiacs. The promise of great sex is appealing, so it's no surprise that people are turning to a product that promises to increase desire and participation in sexual activity.

Traditional aphrodisiacs

Traditional aphrodisiacs are aphrodisiacs from nature, from traditional recipes, or inspired by the tradition or culture of a given environment. Generally, traditional aphrodisiacs are made from plants or fruits with aphrodisiac properties. There are several traditional aphrodisiacs, depending on the region and culture. Here are a few.

Kola nut


Fruit of a tree growing in the tropical forests of Africa, kola nuts are said to be effective in increasing sexual desire while improving erectile functions. Also called small kola, this fruit is widely used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or wanting to improve their performance in bed. It should be taken an hour before sexual intercourse, to benefit from its virtues. Very rich in caffeine, the kola nut acts as a natural stimulant by restoring your tone, and by extension, endurance in bed. Apart from its aphrodisiac properties, it is also used in the African pharmacopoeia to calm coughs, to facilitate digestion, and for many other ailments.


Like the little kola, yohimbine or yohimbe, is a plant native to Africa. Yes, it's still African pharmacopoeia. So, yohimbe is a variety of coffee tree. It contains various alkaloids that are responsible for its stimulant and aphrodisiac properties. Its consumption increases blood flow to the genitals. In this way, it relaxes the arteries responsible for slowing blood flow, and therefore erectile dysfunction. However, this plant should not be abused, as it could cause hypertension, excessive heart rate, and even cardiac arrest.

the gouro

Gouro is one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. Gouro grows mainly in the Ivory Coast, where it is very popular among men and women experiencing low libido.

Indeed, the gouro is a kind of toothpick, which must be chewed before swallowing the saliva. It accelerates blood pressure to the genitals, while boosting energy. Unlike the small kola, the gouro should be chewed an hour, or an hour and a half before the act. The gouro causes soft erections, and therefore controllable, unlike other products that cause involuntary erections.

The use of aphrodisiacs dates back to centuries BC. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, or any other problems related to sexuality consume it. Women too, to stimulate their sexual appetite and increase libido. In addition to being aphrodisiacs, these various plants bring other benefits to the body and thus allow you to maintain natural health.

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