Aloe Vera: benefits for skin, hair and health


You probably know Aloe vera. This plant with multiple virtues continues to be talked about.


Today we're going to take a look at the benefits of Aloe vera for skin, hair, and your overall health.


Fasten your seat belts properly, you may discover things you never suspected. You are ready ? Let's go !


Aloe vera: origin and history



But before presenting the virtues and benefits of Aloe vera for the body, what if we try to know a little more about the plant?


The origins of Aloe vera are not very well defined. But what we are sure is that this plant has been cultivated for many centuries in the Mediterranean region and North Africa.


Today, thanks to its virtues, Aloe vera is used all over the world. It is usually found in cosmetics or in the form of a drink. Not the whole plant is used, but the transparent sap inside. It is either made into gel or aloe vera juice.

The botanical characteristics of Aloe vera


What you need to know is that there are a multitude of species of aloe. Over 300. The species we know as Aloe vera is the one with the most potential. It is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and contains many amino acids and enzymes!


Aloe vera as we know it is therefore a tree plant measuring around 80 cm. The roots and the stem are short. But the latter is robust and has long green leaves on them.


Each leaf is firm and brittle. But Aloe vera is no less impressive. The leaves are covered with small thorns of light yellow color.


Inside the Aloe vera leaf is the translucent gel we discussed above. It is the latter that contains all the medicinal properties of the plant.


The virtues and benefits of Aloe Vera


How can Aloe vera be used to benefit from its multiple benefits? Well, you can use it for your skin, your hair, and your body. Let's start with this last point.


The benefits of Aloe vera for the body


This plant was so popular with the Egyptians, it is not for nothing. In summary, Aloe vera:



• strengthens the natural defenses;

• improves digestive comfort;

• helps regulate blood sugar;

• helps in digestion and intestinal functions thus contributing to good gastrointestinal health;

• strengthens the immune system.


You understand why Aloe Vera is used to treat hepatitis, diabetes, asthma and especially skin diseases.

The benefits of Aloe vera for the skin


In Europe, Aloe vera is best known for its beneficial properties on the skin. In addition to being a powerful bactericide, Aloe vera contributes to rapid and effective healing of the skin. Its use in dermatology and cosmetics occurs at several levels:


• natural exfoliating scrub to protect the skin of the face;

• care of burns;

• care for insect bites;

• healing and disappearance of hematomas;

• treatment of skin infections;

• alleviation of allergic skin reactions;

• fight against aging;

… And even to treat sunburns!



The benefits of Aloe vera for the hair


It is not only for the skin that Aloe vera is very beneficial. This plant is also very effective for the hair. It's not for nothing that the vast majority of hair products contain it.


Aloe vera cleanses, nourishes the scalp and makes it active. If you want to grow your hair out, you might as well replace all the big name products you use with Aloe vera gel. Apply the latter to the scalp every day for at least 30 minutes and you will tell us the news.


Enjoy the benefits of Aloe vera


Here you will find Aloe vera gel in all its forms: in oil, powder, and soap and shampoo. Treat yourself and protect your skin and hair!


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