It is known to everyone that the black woman  is lucky to have a much firmer, more beautiful skin and more resistant to parasites and other skin infections. These characteristics are certainly genetic, but what many do not know is that the African woman  knows how to take care of her skin, so that she is always beautiful and younger.

In this article, we will reveal the 5 beauty secrets of the African woman, hoping that you will know how to use them to regain your well-being on a daily basis.

1.      African women control their diet:

Every person's very first beauty secret lies in their diet. Indeed, a good diet influences all spheres of your life.  In Africa, we naturally consume organic, non-industrialized meals.

2.      African women use only organic and natural products for their skin:

Here are some beauty products to use to have beautiful skin:

·       Shea butter;

·       Olive oil;

·       Coconut oil;

·       Lavender oil;

·       Aloe vera;


These natural products obtained in a traditional way are known to make the skin beautiful and satin.

3.      The African woman uses only organic and natural products for her hair:

African women are all (or almost) familiar with vegetable oils and essential oils produced in a traditional way, which grow their frizzy hair, while making it shiny and silky. These vegetable oils include:

·       Castor oil;

·       Argan oil;

·       Rosemary oil;

·       Peppermint oil;

·       Black seed oil;

·       Shea butter;

·       Aloe vera;


All of these oils are known to naturally activate rapid hair growth by strengthening the hair fiber when properly used.

4.      African women have a healthy lifestyle:

One of the secrets of beauty also lies in an irreproachable lifestyle. The black woman knows that all her days must begin with an invigorating shower. She uses black soap made from shea butter and other natural vegetable oils, which she uses on an African sponge specially made for bathing, to rub her face and the rest of her body, which naturally removes dead cells and impurities on her skin.

The African woman does not poison her skin with these chemicals of often dubious origins. She uses a natural shampoo for the care of her hair.

In addition to her personal hygiene, she also thinks about the health of her environment, to live in an environment devoid of any pollution.

5.      The African woman takes care of her own happiness:

Having a good state of mind and meditating regularly are part of lifestyle habits that encourage happiness and a beautiful physical appearance. In addition to food and knowing how to use natural and organic products, you must also do sports regularly, practice meditation, work to occupy your mind and develop your body, have good social and professional relationships, etc.

In conclusion

You will understand why African women are the most beautiful, not only on the outside, but also and especially on the inside. The modern African woman is enterprising and develops solutions for the well-being of her family and society. Not only does she know how to take care of herself with natural and quality products,  but she understands that she is the pillar of the family and gives everything for a better quality of life, for herself and for her family.

The African woman has great self-confidence and self-esteem, which gives her the strength to face all trials and demonstrate her bravery, in her natural beauty.

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Aloe vera is a plant known for its moisturizing properties. It has been used for millennia to treat skin and hair. Aloe vera essential oil has nourishing, regenerating and sizing properties.

What are the virtues of aloe vera oil?

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  • Hydrates the skin and removes fungi
  • Treats burns including redness due to the sun
  • Anti-Dandular
  • Anti-fall (hair)
  • Thickens hair, promotes regrowth and strengthens its root...



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For hair: Whether you have dry, greasy, brittling, afro hair, castor oil will be perfect for you! Castor oil is very nourishing, it deeply moisturizes and stimulates growth. ...

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Mix castor oil with sweet almond or olive oil, massage your scalp, pack your hair in a towel or pool cap and let it sit for between one and three hours.

For optimal care, keep the oil overnight, not forgetting to protect your pillow. Rinse with hot water.

Two shampoos may be required. For skin It reduces acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, calms itching, reduces brown spots on the face and hands, reduces stretch marks and disinfects small wounds.

It is also ideal for dry feet.

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