Nutsedge: benefits and uses

The African pharmacopoeia is full of a multitude of plants and fruits, which ensure good health. Among this great diversity of nutrients, purely natural, and of quality, we have tiger nut. This fruit that needs no introduction, and which alone contains a large amount of nutritional value. Its wealth earned it its notoriety, and its place of choice in the African pharmacopoeia, and in the world. Let's take a look at the virtues that have earned tiger nut such popularity.

Tigernut, what is it?

Tigernut Tigernut is a species of herbaceous plant, which belongs to the Cyperaceae family. It is a perennial plant, which can measure from 25 to 40 cm high, and has thin and elongated leaves. Like the potato, sweet potato and yams, the tiger nut is also a tuber. That is to say that, like its colleagues yams and sweet potatoes, the edible part of tiger nut is found underground. They are small tubers, yellowish in color, and which contain about 50 carbohydrate, 22 lipid, and 6 to 7 protein. The plant and the tuber have the same name: tiger nut.

Often called tiger nut, or earth almond because it grows underground, the tiger nut originates from the Mediterranean basin (southern Europe, North Africa, West and Central Africa, and the Near East). The tiger nut has been adopted in several regions of the world, for example in Spain in the region of Valencia.

The benefits of tiger nut

Tiger nut is indeed a very important element in maintaining natural health. The benefits it brings to the body are immense. See instead.

Tiger nut can be substituted for cow's milk

Because of its vegetable origin, and its quantity of 100 healthy fats, milk from tiger nut is considered the best milk that can replace cow's milk or sheep's milk. Indeed, the tiger nut being rich in vitamin C and E, it helps to fight high blood pressure and cholesterol. Easy to digest, and chemically sound, it is the ideal candidate to be a substitute for cow's milk. So, if you lack cow's milk, use tiger nut milk, you will do so while passing the full of nutritional values.

Nutgrass contains a high fiber content

To keep our digestive system in good condition, our body needs a large amount of fiber. In addition, fibers help fight constipation, and are natural stimulants allowing you to evacuate easily and regularly. You therefore agree that fiber plays an indispensable role in the proper functioning of the body. Where to get fiber then? Well, look no further, tiger nut contains a substantial amount of fiber. Other foods such as plums, chia seeds, or wholemeal flours also contain fiber, however nutsedge has been shown to have higher fiber content than the foods listed above. So, do not hesitate to get some tiger nut.

Nutsedge is a source of magnesium

Tiger nuts also contain a substantial amount of magnesium. In the same way as the fibers mentioned above, magnesium also plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the body. Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical interactions necessary for the body. A sufficient and regulated quantity of magnesium in the body, makes it possible to regulate the latter and as well as to participate in its proper functioning.

Tigernut is also an aphrodisiac

For women, it fights intimate dryness and frigidity.

For men, it increases sperm quality and treats premature ejaculation

Use of tiger nut

Earth almonds have been used since ancient Egypt, where they were used to make cakes. Its use may differ depending on the region. In Senegal, for example, the tiger nut is eaten like a delicacy, and in Spain it is used to make an organic and balanced drink. This diversity of use gives several forms in which the tiger nut is consumed. Thus, we have:

  • Nutsedge seeds
  • Tiger nut oil
  • Tiger nut milk
  • Tigernut flour
  • Tigernut flakes
  • Tiger nut powder

You see, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the shape of tiger nut you want to use. You have a myriad of forms depending on the use you want to make of it.

The tiger nut, or ground almond, is a food with many health benefits. So, treat yourself and do your body good by consuming tiger nut.


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