I don't know about you but it's so a pride for her appointment as vice president, not just because of her skin color, no I don't reduce her to that, but because she's a woman and moreover has an incredible career!

I have this very misogynistic image of America (maybe in France too!), I even think that's what won Trump in previous elections, he was in front of'Hilary Clinton, so a woman.

Returning to Kamala, she is of Indian descent from her mother and Jamaican to her father. She graduated in Political Science from Howard and then earned a law degree from Hastings College. For 7 years she was a california attorney (a first for a woman and especially of color) and since 2017 she is a senator for California in the United States Congress.

You should know that she was also a candidate in this 2020 presidential election, but she finally gave it up and rallied to Joe Biden.

At the time of Georges Floyd's death,she had not hesitated to denounce the lack of consideration towards people of color(#blacklivesmatter),yet she was criticized as a prosecutor for not having fought more than that against police violence.

I was able to see on her account insta her various interviews and debates that she was able to conduct, and very sincerely I really see her very well as president in 2024!

I'm putting you one of those speeches that is really very inspiring

And also one of his interviews with Jayden Smith

And what do you think of Kamala Harris?