When African fashion modernizes!

Yesterday mocked for its appetite for loose, extravagant and colorful clothing, Africa has been able to dredge elegance over the decades to make it its sweetener today.

The African tailor, whether from Dakar, Abidjan, Lagos, Lomé, Bamako, Conakry, Accra, has strongly forged an identity in the traditional. Run by the world's greatest designers and stylists, their creations, fruits of different textile materials such as bazin, wax, bogolan, silk, cotton, veil... elegantly and refined in every capital city in the world.

In African markets, they are the animators. Whether it's a festive season or not, their workshops don't go away. They are always hard at work to sublimate the women of the world.

Self-taught, gifted, disciples of great masters, the tailor is to the stylist what the heart is to man.

Fashionista Paris has great respect for these fabric geniuses who often have their hearts in their hands.

They are always easy trade. Moreover, their shops are often the meeting place of childhood friends, neighborhood friends, African tea aficionados.

Even if sometimes it struggles to meet deadlines especially during the festive period, the African tailor is an endearing man or woman whose only goal is to sublimate you.

Let's raise the point for these high quality partners!