The Wax, wax in English, is a fabric that has passed through the ages. Of Javanese origin, adopted by Europe, Wax has finished dethroning all the tissues in Africa. It has become the most popular "tissue" in Africa. He easily dethroned the "Bogolan", the "Kenté" ...

Long in competition with bazin (white cotton-based fabric), wax has stood the test of time. Sublimated by African couturiers, wax has carved out a lion's share of African clothing and is being greatly re-exported around the world.

In the past, wax was one of the barometers of the wealth of an African immigrant, an African trader. Through its port, we can also distinguish women living in opulence and those who live in precarious conditions. The more wax the African immigrant had in his suitcase, the more he was considered "rich". The immigrant had to distribute wax fabrics to his family, relatives and friends to stand out from the crowd.

Today, VLISCO, the real "father of wax" has adapted to the African market especially in terms of colors. You can't talk about wax without the colors. Indeed, the more original the patterns, the more valuable the wax. African fashion, which has become fond of wax, has democratized it strongly. After conquering Dakar, Lagos, Accra, Abidjan, Bamako etc, the king of African fabrics right in all the capitals of world fashion: Paris, Milan, New York, London...

"The big fashion houses and international stars have also adopted it. The Burberrry Prorsum house has made it one of its main inspirations, even Anna Wintour has succumbed to it. But also Simonetta Ravizza or the collection Marni at H-M, and Etam. Wax is also a reference for Sonu, of which Rihanna is a fan. Another brand putting wax at the heart of its star-studded creations: Boxing Kitten. Solange Knowles and her sister Beyonce wear their little dresses," according to Puretrend.

Fashionista Paris, your online shop of ethnic clothing and accessories easily transports you into the world of wax.

Fashionista Paris, it is an elegant marriage between Caucasian fashion and African fashion.

Wearing carrot-cut pants with a "crop" top in wax, it's the perfect match to be on top in the summer.

Fashionista Parisis flexibility on customer requests. For example: you like a garment on the site but with another fabric, another cut? We adapt to offer you the idea that animated you for a while but that you can not materialize.

By ordering on the site, you are delivered within 48 hours - 72 hours for France. Five to eight days for the DOM-TOM, the US because we are aware that a favorite must be at home in record time.

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