In recent weeks, a new category has appeared on Fashionista Paris, it is the category "Secrets of Women" which is divided into several subcategory:

  • Lingerie
  • Bayas, bine bine, size chains
  • Incense, thiouraye, perfumes
  • The secret products of aphrodisiac women
  • Box Fashionista Paris

These 5 categories are complementary, they bring together all the paraphernalia to attract your man and make sure that he sees only you.

A woman who wishes to keep her man must resort to these seductive items.

Let's take a closer look at these five categories:


It's not just any lingerie... This is the typical Senegalese lingerie.

Senegalese women are talking in... They always seek to seduce, with all the means at their disposal. For married women, the game of seduction does not stop at clothing, they have other little secrets to keep their men. Thus, it is a whole arsenal that they use to enhance their intimate relationships. Starting with handmade beaded knit nighties.

Beyond the beaded nighties there are also the bethios or"little loincloths"
They just cover the right time between the waist and the knees. I still remember the "moms" who wore the bethios under their loincloths, and made them appear when they danced to the rhythm of the tam tam. They were accompanied by bines bines around the more or less large kidneys that also punctuated the dance.

Nuisettes perlées sénégalaises

It's a good transition to talk about bines bines,or also called bayas, djaly djaly or size chains (more heard in Europe).

There are all kinds, colorful, small big, bright, with messages a little naughty ...

Bines bines coquins

Coumba Gawlo sang the bines bines.

The Senegalese woman is a true "diongué": seductive

Few men remain insensitive to the wearing of bine bine especially when they have been soaked beforehand in incense.

Incense let's talk in ...

Thiouraye, wolof name for incense and aromatic mixtures to burn, it is used as well for the home as in privacy. Senegalese women use it to perfume themselves and seduce their husbands.

Thiouraye chéri chocolat

Thiouraye can be burned with charcoal, or in incense burners.

See our video for the use of thiouraye with charcoal or a burner.

The part that everyone expects... the secrets of aphrodisiac women, it's intentional not to talk about it right away otherwise everyone would have picked up lol

In this category, we take it to the next level... Well I hope you are all married, those who consult this category because we talk about vaginal tightening,secrets to make the pleasure with your husband last, how to make him completely hooked, how to make intimate relationships much more intense.

Do you know how to start with mint crystals?

Cristaux de menthe

Mint crystals are made from menthol, an organic compound that has a strong minty smell. They are extracted from the freezing of 100% natural mint oil.

It's the best seller on Fashionista Paris! Weirdly it's not just women who order it, men are in the lead!!
At the same time it's normal it's he who benefits from the thrill effect during your frolics, I say no more, go to the product page where everything is indicated to you! And you'll discover that they have more than one use.

For pity girls, don't put mint crystals in your vagina :(

In the couple, in order to avoid the routine, it is imperative to experiment several things, play naughty games, such as dice, use handcuffs or a feather duster,or even romantic checkbooks, erotic,and kamasutra challenges...
Even if the day before you had an argument with your baby, give him a check from the romantic checkbook and everything is forgotten :)

A new product has appeared in recent days, it is the pack of jeka leaves and the fruit 4 sides. These are 100% natural plants with no side effects.

Feuilles de djeka

Combined these two plants, suppress odorous white loss, a alleviate and relieve painful periods, eliminate vaginal itching, heal lower abdomen wounds after childbirth and cleanse it, increase the level of hemoglobin and iron in the blood, promote respiratory problems (cough, sore throat, bronchitis) and especially reserulant the muscles of the vagina.

A future article dedicated to the benefits of these plants.

The Fashionista Parisboxes are no longer sold, they will be back for Valentine's Day, stay connected.

Ps: It's a secret that you are allowed to share, feel free to share the post and test the products, guaranteed success.

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