What is Black Friday?

In the United States, Black Friday refers to the Friday following Thanksgiving. It's a big sales day that kicks off the end-of-year shopping season.

In France, Black Friday really started in 2016 with brands such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Apple (they do not sell masses but hey..) andcc ...

Since then, French interest in the event has increased every year. In November 2016, Google searches for Black Friday more than doubled compared to the same period the previous year, reaching 2.4 million.

When is Black Friday?

It takes place the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. So it's November 29th for this year 2019.

How do you prepare "his" Black Friday?

As a self-employed entrepreneur:

  • Create visual content (image or video) on Canva or Lumen5
  • Post content related to the BF (BF c c est Black Friday) on its social networks ahead of 29 November
  • Put a countdown on his site with redirect link or not
  • Create a landing page to group BF promos
  • Schedule product promotions

As a buyer:

  1. Do a google search on the best promos of the BF, click on "Shopping"
  2. Create a customer account on the site
  3. Prepare your shopping cart with old upstream prices
  4. Connect on the day of the promo to view the discounted fare
  5. Take advantage of fares without wasting time looking for the day of the promo

Because believe me that day, there are several of us on the spot, so if you do not go fast enough, you will be entitled to full errors 404, exhausted product etc ...

The best deals for Black Friday

There's of course on the BF on Fashionista Paris, I can not talk about it without mentioning my site :)

With discounts of up to -50%

The products consulted will be placed in the"Black Friday"category and then stored on D-Day.

New products are not subject to desolate discounts :(

The mint crystals will therefore stay at 3 euros (which is not very expensive :) as well as most products in the category "Secret Corner of Fashionistas"

From November 25th, the Fashionista Paris Boutique is also on sale on Afrikrea!

More generally, several shops will offer discounts of up to -70% from November 25 to December 10, 2019. Share the Facebook event: https://facebook.com/events/978836145782239/

I list here the best promos found on the net (this list will be updated in real time)

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB at $859 on Amazon

Samsung S10

Iphone XR

Black Friday Oui SNCF

About me I have already placed my order :)

black friday zara

If you also have great promos that you want to share, put the comments so that we can all enjoy them!