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"Chantoum" scarf "Chantoum" scarf 2
Headband, headband, turbans, scarves

"Chantoum" scarf

High-quality chantoum fabric scarf, a purely refined style that you will have recognized the model worn by Djalika from the Master series of a married man.@Photo Marodi ProductionsThe shape of the scarf is pre-sewn to be able to wear it directly, they yarns have been intended to tighten the scarf if necessary.No: Golden scarves are better suited to fairly...
Ready to go wax scarf! Ready to go wax scarf! 2

Ready to go wax scarf!

The scarf is wax and satin. It is made up of two strips allowing a very easy attachment. Anyone can do it, even beginners.Suitable for all hair types but especially dry and brittle hair, satin keeps all the hydration and nutrients in your hair throughout the day. Satin avoids friction and thus hair breakage.So if you're lazy to do your hair, or you...
Cap wax me by night Cap wax me by night 2

Cap wax me by night

The wax cap me by night is ideal for optimal protection of your hair, perfectly suited to protect your frizzy, smooth, curly and curly hair. The satin side keeps hair hydrated all night and protects hair from breakage or dryness.
Scarf wax "I said it myself"! Scarf wax "I said it myself"! 2

Scarf wax "I said it myself"!

If you too are struggling and wasting a lot of time tying your scarf properly, this scarf/hat is for you!It slips very easily, and it is already sewn in the shape of a light bulb cap to make it easier to put on. It can be worn with the ball in front or behindIt will bring a touch of wax to your syle ;)
Headband Ayo Headband Ayo 2

Headband Ayo

Headband in wax
Adult Child
Turban velvet Turban velvet 2

Turban velvet

Velvet turban, the trendy accessory
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